Advice 1: What if the hair grows around the nipples

Unfortunately, in some cases, the hair around the nipples can appear with members of the fairer sex. This phenomenon is capable of very frustrating, because the hair on female Breasts do not look too aesthetically pleasing. How to remove them? Before answering this question, we need to understand why there can be such a problem.
What if the hair grows around the nipples

Causes of hair around nipples in women

There are 2 main reasons for this phenomenon, as the hairs around the nipples for women:

The increase in the number of male hormones in the body. A similar phenomenon can be observed in the case of pregnancy, diseases of the endocrine system and also as a result of taking certain hormonal drugs.

Predisposition to hair around the nipples may be inherited. In other words, a woman can genetically inherit the sensitivity of androgen receptors.

What to do if you started to grow hair around nipple

If the hairs around my nipples appeared suddenly in a short period of time, or before, they had a few pieces, and now suddenly became more – be sure to visit endocrinologist. And try to do it in the near future. It is not excluded that you have problems with your hormonal level.

If the doctor found any abnormalities in the structure of your hormonal levels, can be somewhat complacent for your health of the hair around the nipples are not dangerous. However, women still often remain dissatisfied and wish lime excess vegetation. Because of this unpleasant behavior may be low self-esteem. However, you can find a solution - to remove the hairs that grow around the nipples.

How to deal with hair around nipples

So, here are some possible ways of removing hair around the nipples. The most common of them – arm of conventional tweezers. Capturing hair, sharp movement pull him in the direction of growth. After the elimination of all superfluous hairs wipe off the delicate skin area around my nipples with lotion. Of course, the result will not be long-term. After about 10 days, the vegetation will appear again.
It is not recommended to resort to shaving the vegetation around my nipples. You only for a very short time you will remove the outer part of the hair (it will become noticeable the next day). And most importantly, after this the hair will be noticeably tougher.

Removing hairs by means of hair removal. Using the latter effectively is under their influence of the hair and to a certain extent, his subcutaneous part can be dissolved, after which the area around the nipples is not difficult to wash off with a sponge.

However, these creams should not be abused. Avoid these tools on your nipples, rinse them in time and in everything follow the instructions. This procedure you have to repeat about every 10 days.

Trim the excess hair with scissors is a pretty safe method. After him there will be irritation, as after application to hair removal, but the effect itself is quite short.

Removing hair with wax and electric depilation can be somewhat painful. But the result may be stored up to 5 weeks.

There is a radical method, which will help to get rid of the hairs around my nipples, is electrolysis. Its essence lies in the elimination of germ cells in the follicle of the hair. This is done by introducing into the hair follicle, fine needles, through which is supplied an electric current. Although the skin it does not damaged it for some time may remain small bruises or scars.
Before heading to the beauty salon for unwanted hair removal method of hair removal, consult a doctor-mammologist.

Laser hair removal method is quite effective, if only the hair doesn't grow due to any violations of hormonal background. Significant advantages of this method are that it is safe and painless. To get rid of excess hair forever, you need to repeat the laser hair removal procedure a few times.

Epilation is another painless method, which is characterized by relatively long-lasting effect. However, limit yourself to just one session will not succeed.

Now you know what to do when the hair grows around the nipples.

Advice 2 : How to get rid of chest hair

The problem of excess hair on the body, oddly enough, affects not only the female half of humanity, but also men. Many men also do not want to have unwanted hair and are looking for various ways to get rid of them. Often men want to remove unwanted hair on the chest, and in this article we will tell you about how it can be done.
How to get rid of chest hair
You will need
  • razor, shaving gel, depilatory cream,hot wax, mechanical epilator, laser/photo hair removal
The most common method of hair removal for women and men is the use of razor and foam or gel for shaving. However, if you shave chest hair, this method is not recommended. Despite the fact that shave off excess hair can be quite quickly and easily after shaving, they grow much faster and have a more rigid structure.
A more gentle and high-quality method of hair removal is depilatory cream. Apply the cream on the chest, wait a few minutes according to the instructions, and then a spatula that is included with the cream, remove it along with hair and rinse with water. After using the cream the hair grow much slower and their structure thins out and softens. Before use check if you are allergic to its components, causing the cream on a small area of the skin.
Another effective method of hair removal on the chest — a hot wax or wax strips that you can buy in any store. Apply wax on the skin, allow to dry and remove with a cloth.
In addition, you can buy in the hardware store the normal epilator and remove it using most of the hair so that they will not bother you any more during the whole month. The disadvantage of this method is a serious pain.
Finally, you can choose a laser or photo-epilation in a beauty salon. This method is extremely effective, the result is stored for a long time, and its only drawback — the high price of the procedure depilation.

Advice 3 : What if nipples long hair

Excessive hair growth in the area of the nipples can be caused by a hormonal imbalance in a woman's body, endocrine disorders and other equally serious reasons.
What if nipples long hair

Why nipples appear long, stiff hair

Hirsutism – excessive growth of thermal hair. If the area of the nipples appeared hard and long hair is more of a cosmetic problem that can.

Unfortunately, the growth of hair around the nipples is just the result of a more serious illness. The most common cause of hirsutism is polycystic ovary syndrome, adrenal hyperplasia, presence of tumors in the ovaries or adrenal glands, obesity, diabetes type II diabetes and diseases, against which there is a significant increase in cortisol levels.

Often the cause of hair around the nipple is the intake of anabolic steroids, corticosteroids, interferons, cyclosporine. When the examination of hirsutism, a woman should inform the doctor the gynecologist-endocrinologist about all medicines that she has taken or is taking at the moment.

Rarely enough hair in the area of the nipples grow because idiopathic hirsutism. In this case, medicine can't give a precise definition of increased sensitivity of hair follicles to androgens.

How to get rid of long hair on the nipple

Directly to get rid of hair on the nipple can in a beauty salon. You will hold a laser or electric hair removal. Do not own to pluck, tweeze, cut or shave hair on your nipples.

Remember, thermal hair – it's very hard improper removal you may injure the delicate skin of the nipple. Besides, after depilation it is necessary to carefully handle the place from which you removed the hair. This will help to avoid negative consequences in the form of inflammation and suppuration.

The hair never appeared in the area of the nipples, the doctor will prescribe you hormonal drugs that will help to eliminate excessive amounts of androgens also normalize the levels of estrogen.

To take any pharmaceuticals that help normalize hormones, it is possible only on prescription, which will be based on the results of the medical examination. Self-medication does not give desired results and can be dangerous to your health.

After treatment you will undergo re-examination. If the level of androgens does not exceed the maximum allowable levels, the treatment is considered successful. Some women throughout their life to take drugs, helping to normalize hormones.
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