It is very important for a woman to switch from the role of the mother in the role of a mistress. To do her bath with foam, turn on the music, light the candles, draw the maximum grandmothers, nannies. In this case, there is some switching, and the faster woman recalls the role of a mistress.

In those cases, if a man's going to sleep in the kitchen because he has to get up early for work, the woman remains abandoned. She's bad, she goes into postpartum depression, which removes sexual attraction, as women and men. And we must remember a very good but simple proverb: "a Friend is known in joy and in trouble." The birth of a child, of course, it does not matter joy, but coupled with a certain effort — physical and mental. Therefore, this difficult period we must try to go along, and then the recovery will go much faster!

And to add more vitality, you need to learn to breathe correctly. What happens to a man when he had long runs on the road or up the stairs up? Ends energy, no strength. At this time something happens with the breath, it becomes deeper or more frequent. And this is not so important. No need to breathe deeply and often. Breathe calmly, do connected breathing, when breath is equal to the exhalation, without pauses. Making consecutive twenty breaths, you get a sufficient portion of fresh life energy that can be spent on physical activity or emotional lift.