Typically, the regeneration of the whole body takes about 2 months. However, a lot depends on course of labour.
At 1 day after birth, doctors recommend rest, because the uterus is reduced, and after her organs return to their normal position. To help the uterus to attach to the stomach cold warmer. Paramount importance is given to personal hygiene to avoid postpartum complications.
On the 4th day you can start to get up and move a little. In the next 2 weeks learn how to give a breast to the child. The nipple needs to give, along with the surrounding halo. If the child will take only the nipple, it will soon appear painful cracks. One should not wear a bra. It is important to take special medication for the contractions of the uterus. If a woman starts amid the stress, the depression, the doctor will prescribe a sedative.
In the period from 3 weeks to 2 months of physical exercises can be given, however, to move, caring for a child, to how much the child should be under constant supervision. In the process of feeding hormones in the body recovers pretty quickly. In this period, to avoid a cold is to not inflammatory process has begun, when the body has not yet recovered fully. Usually after two months after birth, all body functions are restored.
Only after these two months begin to restore the shape. On diets to sit it is impossible, but reduce flour, sweet and fatty should, as all of the above is not good for the baby and promotes fat deposition.
Below the chest is not stretched in 2 months after giving birth, you need to wear dense with thick straps bra made of natural fabrics perfectly mimic the shape of the breast. And also need to do exercises to strengthen the muscles of the chest and ensure the back was smooth.
To restore the stomach will help swing the lower and upper abdominals and you can take in Turkish and make turns body to the right and to the left in 10 and more times.
And most importantly, constantly walk with your child outdoors is useful not only for baby but for your body!