Fertility of women after childbirth not immediately restored, the breastfeeding hormone prolactin, its high content in the blood blocks the maturation of oocytes. The effectiveness of lactational contraception as high as 98%, provided that if all the rules are met. This method can be recommended to women permitted to give birth and who do not mind to give birth to pogodak.

Features lactational contraception

The method is effective only for the first six months after birth, if the child is not receiving supplementation in the form of milk, not weaning, and the interval between feedings is less than 3 hours. That is, if you feed your baby on demand, give him water or supplementation with a mixture, and the night breaks amount to more than 3 hours, the risk of pregnancy is very high. If all requirements are met, but women have started menstruating, it should be protected additionally. Early onset of menstruation show the readiness of the body for pregnancy and the probability of ovulation is very high.

Prolonged absence of menstruation

In long-term lactating women menstruation come later. The child may be a year and a half before coming the first period. This does not mean that a woman cannot get pregnant. Menstrual cycle in that period restored - periodic abdominal pain and low back pain almost always indicate that ovulation has already happen. A very large percentage of women become pregnant and not waiting for the first menstruation after childbirth. You should regularly do a pregnancy test to control the situation, even if you use contraception high reliability.

How to prevent lactation

Physiological method, based on sexual abstinence during the days of ovulation, and ineffective, because the hormonal system is still not back to normal and menstruation may be irregular. Coitus interruptus and the method of measurement of basal temperature also have low efficiency. Usually midwives recommend the use of special condoms or female caps. Sex after childbirth is not always so frequent, and with rare intimate meetings, reception of hormonal contraceptives is inappropriate.

If a woman is used to protect themselves hormonal therapy, you should consult your doctor - he will prescribe low-dose contraceptives. But there is a danger: the fact that the first few cycles of admission necessary to visit the office ultrasound to confirm the absence of ovulation, however, ovulation still may not be that will show you about the efficiency.

The intrauterine device and the hormonal intrauterine system, hormonal injections and implants are optimal for women giving birth. No need to take daily drugs, efficacy remains for a long time the spiral is completely neutral to the body and does not cause discomfort, unlike, for example, condoms.

Creams, pills and other forms of spermicides are not considered to be gynecologists effective independent means, as it does not provide the necessary protection from unwanted pregnancy. If you don't want to give birth or state of health, you can think about sterilization or vasectomy spouse. All funds, with the exception of condoms, are selected individually on reception at the gynecologist.