Gynecologist can easily identify the woman gave birth or not the size of the vagina. Even if the birth went perfectly, the vagina is still injured and will need time to come to normal. Nature has planned the human body literally to the last detail. Vagina penetrated by muscles, it is easily expandable, so that the child could be born naturally. After birth, gradually returning to normal. The vagina takes his old form, but this is the case if there were serious injuries, and the muscles can shrink.
Expectant mothers are advised to perform Kegel exercises which help to train the vaginal muscles. This will allow the child at birth to turn, and the young mother will soon be back to normal. If you had a caesarean section, then no change will occur.
Due to the difficult delivery may be tears and ruptures of the vagina. You will need to sew all the vulnerabilities. Outer sutures are removed on the fifth day to the day of discharge from maternity hospitals. A serious problem is rupture of the perineum, rolling on the skin. After the mending of the tissues appear scars, after healing form the seal, narrowing the vagina. It would seem narrowing is good, but during sex they deliver pain.
Have given birth, women often complain of pain inside the vagina, severe itching and burning. These symptoms are caused by a microflora imbalance or inflammatory process. Because of this, the women appear unusual discharge, odor from the vagina. Upon detection itself of these symptoms should consult a gynecologist, to prescribe treatment and to alleviate their condition. Violation of the microflora may arise from the appointment of antimicrobial therapy after the birth.
The birth of a child can affect the sexual life of the spouses. Because of lack of estrogen sometimes vaginal dryness, because of this, sexual intercourse can pass painful. This problem persists throughout the period of breastfeeding. But to allow all possible using the lubricants. You should not give up love and enjoyment. Should be patient, soon everything will be back to normal.