As a rule, in the postpartum period in nursing mothers lack of menstruation or irregular they are. Therefore, effective contraception does not fit either the calendar method of calculation of safe days, nor the method of measurement of basal temperature. Widespread belief that during pregnancy a woman cannot get pregnant, also not quite true. Only in the case when the child is fully breastfed, and the interval between feedings, even at night does not exceed three hours, the young mother did not need additional means of protection. However, when spotting discharge or resumption of menstruation lactation already protects against pregnancy.
Condoms are considered one of the most reliable methods of contraception. Their use in the postpartum period is also an additional protection against infections. Alternatively, condoms can be use spermicides, they are available in gels, vaginal tablets and suppositories, ointments, pastes. The drawback of spermicides is their low efficiency. However at low risk of pregnancy in lactating women, this method is quite reliable.
Oral contraceptives when feeding breast contraindicated, since it can have a negative impact on the child. For breastfeeding women developed special preparations "Exclude" and "Charozetta". They need to be taken daily, 1 tablet a day throughout the lactation. Before taking pills you should consult with your gynecologist.
Absolutely safe for lactation intrauterine devices. They can be put immediately after birth (within 48 hours) or after 1-2 months, when postnatal discharge. The spiral has a mechanical action, preventing the attachment of possible pregnancy in the uterus. Despite the high efficiency, this method has a number of contraindications and side effects (for example, the risk of undetected loss spiral).
The latest strategy of contraception after childbirth is an intrauterine system "Mirena". Due to a combination of intrauterine and hormonal mechanisms of action, reliability is 99%. In addition, the "Mirena" helps prevent a number of gynecological diseases. Installation of the "Mirena" is possible after 1-2 months after birth, in the absence of complaints, the duration of exposure up to 5 years. The drawback of this method is the relatively high cost (about 9000 p.)