With the arrival of a newborn in the house life is about to change, and believe me, those everyday things that you have been putting off for "later", time certainly will not. So for your own peace and health, you need some things to do even during pregnancy.

General cleaning

It seems trivial, but, nevertheless, it should: with the advent of the baby, you will definitely have no time to wash the ceiling, washed the curtains and cleaned carpets. Wash Windows, take apart the closet and cupboards, Conn Wallpaper, clean the refrigerator and extractor fan. In General, do the things that I was going. Enlist household, decide whether you will spend together one day to clean or do all this gradually, not straining.


Must try all their stuff: after all, after the birth of rustling bags and slam the doors in that time, as the baby sleeps, will not work. And when he wakes up –will be busy. Set aside and hide away the narrow and tight clothes, once she is not useful. Prepare or buy practical things loose knit: he reaches out, and exactly suited to you. In addition, the Jersey looks good and is a great way to and to her husband at home not to go slob on the street do not be ashamed of hanging out "pregnant" hoodies. To my stomach, it takes time, and if not taken care of in advance, it may be that the only thing postpartum belly fit are the clothes of pregnancy.

Freezing of products

Meat, fish and vegetables. Buy a lot at once, give the kid to her husband for the evening and spend time on cutting and slicing. Sliced meat and fish immediately rinse, salt, spice, fold into packets in the form of pans or crock pots (double boiler) and freeze. Scraps for soup in separate bags. So it is with vegetables. The shape of the steamer or frying pan freeze vegetables for garnish, bags – chopped mixes for first dishes. Spent one night will set you free for a long time: the preparation of lunch and dinner takes the least time. Took out of the fridge, threw it in the steamer, pressed the button.

Seemingly, little things. But you will immediately see how much time you will have to do for yourself and your family.