When after birth can have sex?

Medicine argues that the recovery of sexual function takes at least two months. And this at a physiologically normal childbirth. If the child was born in the cesarean section, the woman had imposed internal or external sutures, the recovery last longer.

Even if the husband insists, you shouldn't force yourself: things will only get worse. It is better to explain the situation to him and offer a temporary replacement – oral, and if the couple practices anal sex.

Peculiarities of sexual life after childbirth: about complexes

Young mothers face many sexual problems after childbirth. One of them is embarrassed because of the appearance. After birth, the majority remains tummy, stretch marks on belly and hips, are veins. All this attractiveness adds.

The figure subsequently can be partially corrected by exercise. But the active classes are possible only after the end of lactation. But with the stretched skin has nothing to do with it. This fact should be taken as the reverse of the medal happy motherhood.

The husband – the person is nice and will understand more. However, you need to follow him. Get up early (to fill up with baby during the day), tidy hair, dress in a beautiful home clothes. And no matter how the day passed, by the arrival of her husband from work in the house needs to be relative order, the child is dressed in clean, and the wife head-on. By the way, Muslim women, whose family ties are strong, and they do: they wear jewelry and primping the house for her husband, not for going outside. Special attention – on his chest. It is worth emphasizing her deep cleavage: lactating mother, this area is always in great shape.

All these activities will help you to feel attractive and feminine. And hence mutual sexual desire.

If a private figure, shy, you can adjust her underwear, such as corset. A husband certainly be happy with the variety, and the young mom will feel relaxed. At first, you can make love in the shadows. It will add romance and hide imperfections.

That will help restore the vagina after birth?

Passing through the birth canal, the head of the baby they inevitably deforms and stretches. Especially if the firstborn is a woman gave birth after 25 years. First sex can give the feeling of "pencil in Cup". And due to the fact that the girth of the penis dense enough, the vagina can enter the air. He leaves with a characteristic unpleasant thud sound. All this costs of motherhood. Over time, the condition of the sexual organs will improve. This may help in special exercises (e.g. Kegel system). They will give you the opportunity to get rid of urinary incontinence-which, alas, is a frequent consequence of traumatic childbirth in adulthood.

Another problem is vaginal dryness. This is normal after childbirth, but have the perfect solution – a special lubricant, sold in pharmacies.

Problems with my husband after the baby is born

A woman loves a child as a physiological being all-consuming, unconditional love. It's maternal instinct. Man, on the contrary, sees in the child the identity of the heir, successor. His love is waking up gradually and increases with age.

The husband simply can not unconditionally love the red baby that midnight screaming, writes constantly, and poops, and spits up. A child takes a woman's the lion's share of time and attention previously given to the man. In addition, he has spoiled her figure. Because of him she walks around the house in unkempt robe with red eyes and not preening with such thoroughness as before. Now my husband has to go shopping. The cost of diapers and formula milk hitting the pocket. And plus the wife less and less cooking. This, of course, an exaggerated description. But much truth in it. The findings are clear: the man too hard. And you have to understand it. Give him time, attention, and try to indulge. Including sex.