You will need
  • beautiful lingerie;
  • - a new perfume, cosmetics;
  • - intimate toys;
  • - medications;
  • - candles.
Take care of your body. Even minor changes to the best will give you confidence. Follow any simple set of exercises, do the procedure for tightening the skin, take a course of massage, do not forget about regular stretching. Very soon you will start to feel more flexible, graceful, and attractive. Often enjoy the change in your own body.
Cure available disease gynaecological. Discomfort, pain, discomfort – all of it will affect your intimate life is not the best way. In most cases, chronic diseases cause both psychological and physical problems in sexual life.
Often take time only for themselves. Bath with candles, aromatic foam and positive thoughts will not only raise the mood, but will set the right mood before a date with a loved one. Indulge yourself with a good makeup, nice clothes, new flavors, and trendy clothes. Gradually you will begin to radiate inner harmony and joy of life, and these feelings directly affect the quality of sex life.
Don't be afraid to talk about sex. As the source may be not only your partner, but also friends and even total strangers, for example, participants of the Internet forum. Safely discuss any problems, share your fantasies, ask questions, and be interested in the strange experience. It is especially important to establish a dialogue with your loved one. If you openly voice your wishes, only conversations on this topic can turn into a full of passion night.
Feel free to experiment. Pornographic movies, new positions, sexual toys, Striptease, unexpected place to have sex – if before such things were taboo for you, try them now. It is possible, all kinds of experiments can reveal new facets of your sexuality and make intimate life interesting and harmonious.