Last year the summer was particularly pleased Muscovites with plenty of sun and warm days. No, of course sultry days were, but for a long hot summer can not count. And precipitation in the form of rain, often heavy, do not let the ground dry out almost the entire season. That is why today many Muscovites, missing the sun and warmth, wondering what the coming summer 2016 in Moscow. To answer the question, it is necessary to compare data from previous years that will help to know the preliminary results. However, it should be noted that more accurate data will be known closer to June.

What will be the June 2016 in Moscow

According to preliminary data June 2016 will be characterized by extreme heat: a month to be unstable and changeable. Constant changes in temperature are expected throughout June, and in the first decade the average temperature returns to within +17+19 degrees, and the second - slightly lower - 15-17 degrees with the sign "plus". Data above this on the daily clock. As for the night, the temperature returns to within +7+12 degrees. Rainfall in June 2016 exceeds the norm, Sunny days will alternate with rainy, but the latter is expected to be more. The upcoming June test for weather-sensitive individuals.

What will be the July 2016 in Moscow

According to preliminary data from July of this year Muscovites will love the sun and warmth. The average daily temperature returns to within +25 degrees, and in certain days of the month, especially in the first two weeks, it will be raised to 30-32 degrees. The last week of July will please fans of the heat since in this period the temperature reaches its maximum (32-34 degrees). After a hot week temperature mode to normal and once again set in the range of 23-25 degrees. With regard to precipitation, the month will be fairly dry.

What would be the August 2016 in Moscow

August 2016, according to preliminary estimates, as of June this year, not much will delight Muscovites and guests of the city. The fact that the last summer month is expected rainy. However, it should be noted that although precipitation will exceed the norm, but the average temperature does not fall below 23 degrees Celsius. A little cooler would only be the end of the month, but only a couple of degrees.

What will be the summer 2016 in Moscow on national signs

To judge the weather in the summer can last the winter: the colder the winter the hotter the summer. Weather in new year's eve can also suggest what will be the coming summer, for example, if the night was quite warm, and the summer will be warm and Vice versa. In General, you should pay attention to certain months, for example, winter month of December, mirrors the summer months June, January - July, February - August. Remember the past winter months, and correlate them with the expected summer if December was snowy, and in June you can expect a lot of rain, etc.