National signs is a priceless experience of our ancestors, that alone without any instruments and weather forecasters accurately determined the weather. Because such forecasts are based all sowing and harvesting work in the fields, planting vegetables, harvesting hay. Unfortunately, now rarely used such experience, but time has proved that people's signs give more information about the summer period, rather than predictions of meteorological services.
Baptism in ancient times predicted the weather for the coming summer. If January 19, it was a clear sky, expecting a warm summer. But on the moon it was possible to determine the presence of summer rains: if the moon is growing, we can expect many summer showers, if decreasing, Vice versa.
Another Russian holiday is the Annunciation in April. In Russia believed the weather on this day, such to expect for the summer. If there is sun, the summer sun provided. Easter was also wondering on the weather. If in this occasion the weather was Sunny and clear, should get a warm summer with many Sunny days and a rich harvest. If the sun on Easter day appears and disappears, in the summer you need to wait for the alternation of Sunny days and thunderstorms.
To predict the summer weather at national signs can and in the spring when the melting snow. This requires to track in the woods, what side of the anthill begins to melt the snow. If from the North, you can expect a warm, long and Sunny summer. But when the snow melts on the South side of the nest, it means one thing: summer will be short, the heat should be expected. If in spring on the trees a lot of the web, this is a very favorable sign summer is dry and hot. A symptom of drought is the fact that during the thunderstorm lightning, but thunder not heard.
But just summer changes in the weather, it is possible to guess the birds. If the Swifts, swallows and larks fly high, the day will be Sunny and without rain. But if poultry (chickens, geese, ducks) preen their feathers, smeared them with grease and resonate, expect thunderstorms. Long peals of thunder are the precursors of prolonged bad weather and even the appearance of hail.
People take the weather for summer a lot, all of them not to mention. Of course, their accuracy, many may doubt. But only can say one thing - the weather forecasters are wrong, at least often give less reliable forecasts.