Adler and Sochi

Sochi is a great place where you can lie on the beach and get to dozens of exciting excursions. Place active, to spend a day. Suitable for any age, is relevant for a family trip with children. The price of housing in Sochi — from 1200 rubles per person.

Adler is part of Sochi, but remote from the centre. The area has its own infrastructure, its beaches. But the cost of rent per person from 600 rubles. But to get to any place in the County provide a variety of transportation.

The food in the cafeterias will cost 300-500 rubles for a full Breakfast or lunch. The total cost of the stay adult during the day — from 1500 rubles to Adler, 2100 rubles in Sochi. Additionally you need to pay for excursions (from 1000 roubles per person), rides (from 300 rubles) and the road. To get from Moscow to Sochi is 1,000 rubles on the aircraft "Victory" (one way) or 5800 ( to both sides for early booking with other airlines.


Crimea is one of the most picturesque places in Russia. Dozens of villages perfect for relaxing. Cheaper to stay in Feodosia, Sudak, Kerch. The most expensive city on the coast — Yalta. Rent a room for two will cost at least 1200 (600 per person). In a good hotel, the cost can reach 9,000 rubles per person.

Food in the dining rooms from 250 rubles for lunch. Accordingly, the minimum price of a stay adult — 1350 rubles. The price of tours depends on the distance from the site visit ( from 600 rubles to 7000 rubles). The flight from Moscow to Simferopol will cost 8500-12000 rubles ( in both directions).


A popular destination in 2016 to become the Greek Islands. The cost of a night in a hotel in the middle level — $ 25 (1600 rubles). Lower the cost only for early booking. Most often the price does not include meals.

Breakfast in a tourist spot will cost$ 5, lunch$ 7 for dinner for about 10$. But you can save money by choosing place not on the coast. Rates for local residents below 20-30%, and it is easy to find a cozy cafe, which is not intended for visitors. But the food on the day will cost at least 15$ (1,000 rubles).

Visa to holiday in Greece from 35$, flights from 17 thousand rubles. The cost of the road — about 20 thousand. The price of stay from 2,600 per day.


Bourgas travel more and more tourists from Russia. It is a country with great beaches. The prices are comparable to Greek. Per person per day will be not less than 2600 rubles. But there is accommodation in hostels ($10 per night).

The price of food 10-12$ a day, if you choose canteens and cafes. But the hotel may be more expensive. Rarely is served on a buffet.

India, Goa

Changed the price of a trip to India. And although living in this magical land is not expensive, the road will cost 35 thousand rubles (there and back). You can save if you fly via Delhi, and then independently to reach the resort, in this case the flight will be worth it 24000рублей.

Accommodation in hotels of an average level — 8-10$ (500-700 rubles). Meals from$ 6 per day. Visa costs 40-60$, depending on the place of registration.

And although it seems that the price is more acceptable than in Europe, due to expensive flights, the stay will be much more expensive in 1,5-2 times. To get to this place on special offers, they can save up to 30% and include food, accommodation and flights.

Where to go in 2016 — this is a complex issue. The price of the holiday has increased greatly due to changes in the exchange rate. The cost of leisure compared with 2014 increased by almost 2 times.