Refer to the media. As a rule, the weather forecast for the week is published in any socio-political or entertainment newspaper. Also, these meteorologist - Hydrometeorological research center of Russian Federation - transmit Federal TV after the nightly news block.
Go to specialized sites on the Internet: the most well known "providers" of weather information are considered to be the official website of the hydrometeorological center and Gismeteo. The sections have met and all the major search engines Runet: Yandex,, Rambler and so on. Keep in mind that the most accurate is the forecast for the next three days, so watch what the weather is in June, better in the beginning of this month or in late may. Long-term forecast can be wrong due to sudden changes in the cyclone or atmospheric front.
Examine people signs. According to them, in June, will go constant rain and thunderstorms, if in December of last year were the major wet snow and there were blizzards. Warm December usually turns into a hot, sultry summer months. March weather farmers also considered the Herald of June: if March was dry, no rain and frost, you can wait for the June drought. On the contrary, the morning frost in March is certain to result in rains in June, in exactly 90 days.
Observe natural phenomena. If in the morning in June on the street is stuffy and smells like grass or honeysuckle, and the water is unusually transparent, the evening certainly will rain. Heavy dew in the morning portends the heat like the morning mist on the water. Grey sky morning - good weather day, the red setting sun - to the subsequent drought. Good, smooth weather, according to the signs, portend daytime Cumulus clouds, disappearing towards evening.
Try to learn about the weather in June on the behavior of birds, insects and fish. Even the flowers can serve as predictors: if the water lilies, violets and buttercups flowers are open, the weather will be good. Fish playing in the setting sun, that is, splashing and jumping out of the water, also heralds clear weather the next day. With the imminent rain swallows fly low over the ground, and spiders and dragonflies seemed to disappear.