Advice 1: How to know the weather in June

Weather forecast, or educated guess about what natural changes are expected in the near future, allows to prepare in advance for possible natural disasters, to calculate the time of agricultural works, or simply make plans for a vacation. Check the weather forecasters recommend a maximum of ten days so watch the forecast for June is best in late may.
How to know the weather in June
Refer to the media. As a rule, the weather forecast for the week is published in any socio-political or entertainment newspaper. Also, these meteorologist - Hydrometeorological research center of Russian Federation - transmit Federal TV after the nightly news block.
Go to specialized sites on the Internet: the most well known "providers" of weather information are considered to be the official website of the hydrometeorological center and Gismeteo. The sections have met and all the major search engines Runet: Yandex,, Rambler and so on. Keep in mind that the most accurate is the forecast for the next three days, so watch what the weather is in June, better in the beginning of this month or in late may. Long-term forecast can be wrong due to sudden changes in the cyclone or atmospheric front.
Examine people signs. According to them, in June, will go constant rain and thunderstorms, if in December of last year were the major wet snow and there were blizzards. Warm December usually turns into a hot, sultry summer months. March weather farmers also considered the Herald of June: if March was dry, no rain and frost, you can wait for the June drought. On the contrary, the morning frost in March is certain to result in rains in June, in exactly 90 days.
Observe natural phenomena. If in the morning in June on the street is stuffy and smells like grass or honeysuckle, and the water is unusually transparent, the evening certainly will rain. Heavy dew in the morning portends the heat like the morning mist on the water. Grey sky morning - good weather day, the red setting sun - to the subsequent drought. Good, smooth weather, according to the signs, portend daytime Cumulus clouds, disappearing towards evening.
Try to learn about the weather in June on the behavior of birds, insects and fish. Even the flowers can serve as predictors: if the water lilies, violets and buttercups flowers are open, the weather will be good. Fish playing in the setting sun, that is, splashing and jumping out of the water, also heralds clear weather the next day. With the imminent rain swallows fly low over the ground, and spiders and dragonflies seemed to disappear.

Advice 2 : What will be the summer 2016 in Russia: forecast

Summer is the favorite season of many children and adults. It is therefore not surprising that long before the long-awaited months people are starting to wonder about the weather forecast for the coming June, July and August. Of course, it is impossible to determine with accuracy what will be the temperature on specific days, to learn about sediments, their amount, however, overall, based on previous observations, can be identified.
What will be the summer 2016 in Russia

It is currently impossible to reliably know what the weather will be in summer 2016, as forecasters give predictions up to two months in advance, however, even within these 60 days, quite often the information is incorrect. Therefore specific figures for temperature, rainfall and everything else at this point in time, you know I can not, however, the approximate data based on the comparison of the previous figures, collected over the past few years, you can learn now.

So, comparing performance over the past few years in June, it can be concluded that the first month of summer in 2016 will be very changeable. In the first decade of June the temperature will not please the high performance, so don't expect more than 15-17 degrees. The second decade of June promises to be warmer but rainy. The thermometer to the end of the month will show the level of above 22 degrees.

What to expect from July 2016? This month promises to be hot and dry in most regions of Russia, the thermometer in the middle of the month will rise to 27-29 degrees, and in the South to 35. In the second decade of July, perhaps the heat will come to the Central part of Russia, not exclude the drought. Lately the lack of rain in late July is so common that it has become the norm.

The last month of summer is usually changeable in terms of temperature fluctuations and sedimentary phenomena, but in most cases the beginning of August, happy warm days in the range of 22-25 degrees and Sunny days from mid of the month rainy days exceed the sun, the temperature on average is reduced by a few degrees. Exactly, according to weather forecasters, will be August 2016.

As the weather - "the lady" is changeable, that all the above information cannot be considered 100 percent reliable, temperature to the nearest degree, and the time and amount of precipitation we will be able to get closer to deadlines.

To know what the weather will be in summer 2016, according to folk omens. For example, it is believed that January is the opposite reflection of July. Than moronie the middle of winter, the hotter it is the middle of summer. After watching the weather on 1 January, you can roughly say what will be the summer. If a whole day's snow, the summer will be rainy, if there is a hard frost, then most of the summer will be hot and Vice versa. It is also believed that the late spring - a sign of a hot and dry summer, the presence of fog in February - hot and rainy.

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