In search of accurate weather forecasting, you can go through a dozen sites, but the truth is always hidden in the analysis of multiple sources simultaneously - methods of weather forecasting are based on probabilistic and statistical data that sometimes can be incomplete. The older the source the more and it stands for the experience of determining the weather, the more likely the correct result.

Russian meteorite

Leader in weather forecasting in Russia is the website Gismeteo. It is recommended to friends for informative forecasts often true. On this website you can see the layout for hours, days, weeks and within a month, to see the maps of precipitation and air temperature over different regions of the country and find information about the geomagnetic atmosphere, which is especially important for people suffering from weather dependent. A brief excerpt from the weather forecast is on the left side of the main page and catches the eye immediately upon entering the site it is possible to find the current temperature in your region, humidity, pressure, wind and water temperature, if the city has a river or out to sea. The city is defined automatically but you can change it if you want to see the weather in another place. The site has the ability to download mobile apps and add-ons to popular browsers (Mozilla, Opera, Google Chrome) that will allow you to obtain weather information before visiting the site.

Weather forecasts provides and Yandex, focusing primarily on current forecasts for the day and the week. Under detailed information it provides four temperature measurements for each day (morning, afternoon, evening, night), moon phase, pressure, humidity and wind force. The bonus of this service is the convenient integration of Yandex.Weather Yandex.Cards, allowing you to see the quick summary for the weather layout on different points of the city and even neighboring cities.

Less popular are Meteonovosti website and online magazine Mediaweb.<url>.

Foreign meteorite

From foreign sites with weather forecasts is the most trusted Intellicast, primarily related to the United States, but is monitoring the weather around the world. Its advantage - a huge database of countries and cities, it is perfect to predict the weather on your vacation, for example, in Egypt and around the Mediterranean sea.

The Weather service pertaining to the American Weather Channel, too, focused on America and not always able to accurately determine your location in Russia or Ukraine. His specialty - not only weather forecasts, but also news about the weather - its features, accidents and disasters in different parts of the world.