Scientists, forecasters say that each subsequent summer will be slightly hotter previous. Climate change will affect the entire planet but a tropical country will feel it sooner. Temperatures will be extremely hot there in 20 years, whereas in Europe, Moscow's latitude, the weather will change within 60 years.

These predictions only delight the lovers of thoroughly fry in the sun, and they enthusiastically accept the 'predictions' of scientists! Others hope that the weatherman will be wrong again, because the summer of 2010 was much hotter the next two seasons.

The people before scientists began to notice and collect the signs by which it is possible to predict the arrival of good weather, including in Moscow. If the rain started to go intermittently, and by the end of the day there was a creeping fog, or dew, the day will be clear. But the morning summer rain promises a Sunny and serene day.

If early in the morning you left the house and found on the lawn the dew and fog, the weather will be good. In the evening after a tiresome rain you suddenly see the sun, and sunset do not ruin it clouds, in this case the storm is over. All you need to watch the body, if you decide to know when to wait for good weather.

The sun setting in the clear sky or among the transparent clouds, indicating the continuation of clear days. Pure sunset light, with colors from yellow to deep pink or crimson – a sign of sustained good weather. If you notice the flattened disk of the sun on the approach, it also suggests a clear next day.

Important in determining the weather and how the sun rises. If you see a pink gentle light of dawn, and shone blinding white, it won't rain. Rising in the mist the sun suggests that the day will be quiet and stuffy.

Leave the night on the balcony and look at the moon, if it is sharply defined and shining white light, don't wait for the morning rain. But the greenish color of the moon should alert you, there is a possibility of a severe drought.

This way you will be able to predict good weather without the help of forecasts , wherever were, including in Moscow.