Where you can apply for the exam the graduates of previous years

According to the law, apply for the certification test of the graduate yesteryear may in any region of Russia – regardless of where it is registered and where he completed his education. However, if you are in the same city where you have registration at the place of residence is to apply is likely to have, in accordance with a residence permit, even if you live or work at the other end of the city. However, the options are the exact rules of work of points of registration of alumni is established by the regional education authorities in the different regions of Russia might be a bit different. Therefore, if you plan to take the exams at the place of residence, it is best to call the "hot line" on questions of the exam in your area and clarify where you are eligible to apply.

Phones "the hot line" can be found on the official website ege.edu.ru in the section "information support". There you will find links to regional sites, dedicated to the delivery of the exam. On them is verified, official information about the addresses of the points where you can apply for the exams – with contact phone numbers and hours of operation. As a rule, applications are accepted in the working days, two or three days a week during limited hours.

What documents are required to record on the exam

To apply must present the following documents:

  • document of complete secondary education (original);
  • passport;
  • if the interval between the end of school and exams, you changed your last name or first name – proof of this fact (marriage certificate or change of name),
  • if secondary education received in foreign educational institution – a certified translation of the certificate into Russian language.

Copies of documents do not have to shoot: after the employee's item will bring in an automated system all your data, the originals will be returned to you.

Документы для подачи заявления на ЕГЭ

What you need to know on applying for the exam

By the time of the visit to the registration point of the graduates of previous years, permanently you need to decide on a list of the itemsthat you plan to take – to change "set" to be very difficult. If school graduates mandatory need to pass a Russian language and mathematics, on people who have already obtained upper secondary education, this rule does not apply: you can take only those items that are required for admission to the University.

Decide whether you will write an essay. For seniors a "credit" on the essay is a prerequisite for admission to the examination, but graduates of previous years, taking the exam "voluntarily", not have to do this "tolerance" they get automatically upon availability of the certificate. Therefore, the question of the essay is better to clarify in the admissions office of your chosen University whether its presence is mandatory, and whether it can bring you extra points when applying. If the answer to both questions is "no" – you can feel free not to include the essay in the list.

If you plan to take the exam in a foreign language – decide whether you will be limited to only the written portion (which can bear up to 80 points), or will be still "speaking" (additional 20 points). The oral part of the exam is another day, and if you don't have a goal to gain maximum points – participation is optional.

Select the terms you want to pass the exams. The alumni have the opportunity to take exams in basic terms (in may-June, simultaneously with the students) or early "wave" (March-April). Choose what you prefer.

How is the recording of the exam for graduates of previous years

The application process is quite simple, but it is not necessary to come to the registration Desk 10 minutes before the expiry of the work, especially if you are applying in the final weeks before the end of the term: it is possible that you will have to wait in line.

Documents are served personally. To register for the exams:

  • you will need to complete the consent to the processing of personal data and incorporate them into AIS (automatic identification system);
  • the registration personnel will check your documents and make your personal and passport information, and passport data into the system;
  • you tell what items and in what terms you plan to take, and then automatically generate a statement for the exam indicating your chosen subjects and dates of exams;
  • you check your printed statement and, after ascertaining that all details are correct, sign;
  • the registration personnel will issue to you a copy of the statement with a mark about documents acceptance, the reminder to the participant of the exam and will be instructed how and when you will need to appear for getting admission to the exam.

Как подать заявление на ЕГЭ

How much are the exams for graduates of previous years

Unified state exam is free of charge for all categories of participants, including the graduates of previous years, regardless of how many items you decide to donate. Therefore, the procedure of reception of documents does not imply the presentation of receipts or payment for registration.

In most regions, alumni can participate in a "trial" training exams, which take place in conditions as close to reality, measured by the standards of the exam, and allow participants to obtain additional training experience. This is a paid additional service, offered by the education authorities – and, if desired, you can use it. However, participation in these "rehearsals" is completely voluntary.