Of course, the exam for the fourth grade only in form may resemble the final examination of 11th class. Because its results it all depends the future of the graduate admission in his COLLEGE, getting a good profession. However, parents even by such an assumption very much concerned.

What form of assessment in primary school now

Today pupils of the 4th grade as of final examinations take different tests. Yes, the procedure is quite similar to the pass exam. However, similar she's with him only because as a material to test knowledge tests are used on a variety of subjects.
Parents is not necessary, because this form of certification is necessary for more teachers. Assessment on – quarter, semi-annual or annual – it makes no difference.

In some schools the exam, similar to the single call, by analogy exam for 4th grade, still ran. As a pilot project. The features of such testing is that the tasks chosen more on the ability to solve or write, and the ability to think. So the logical options in the tests can be found on the order of more than purely technical choices.

Everywhere the same exam in the 4th grade is not entered, and will is unknown. After the name and the essence of this test is fundamentally different from that to be performed by the students of 4th grade. However, the lack of such a serious test, as the exam, the program 4 should not lead to the fact that children can relax and think about the study only to 9 class. On the contrary, it is the first final test should help the child to choose a direction of study, and with its capabilities, and its level of knowledge. And this should help to adjust the future training program.
All the results of the testing of a student for all years of study, as they say in the Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation, to be collected in one portfolio that can give the teacher much information about the student.

How to prepare for the test

Despite the fact that the idea about the exam in the 4th grade while nobody took, even the most conventional testing is able to bring the child profound stress. Failure, however, and does easily become the cause of insecurity in the child.

To avoid this, you need to carefully prepare for the test. And this must be done, and from a psychological and from a physical point of view. The first rule for parents that their experiences significantly complicate the situation. To start is to calm down, because nothing bad happens – it's a simple routine, which pass all the people studying within the school, including the parents themselves.

Secondly, it is necessary to help the child to overcome nervousness and fear. To do this is to adjust the daily schedule to include more sleep, walks and outdoor games. And also have to think about the menu. To the brain and worked actively to perform all the functions assigned to it, you need a good and balanced way to eat.

If you follow all these simple recommendations, your chance to pass the final test in 4 th grade is quite high.