Advice 1: How to retake the exam

The system of graduation exams by the method of Unified state examination operates not the first year. But still in connection with it, students and their parents have a lot of questions. And most important of them - is it possible to retake the exam?
How to retake the exam
Unified state examination is the form of the final certification of school graduates conducted in the form of a test. Carried out this exam in the main subjects - Russian language, literature and mathematics. To retake the examas any other exam. Only a few conditions. To retake the final test only if the scores obtained during testing were below established by Rosobrnadzor minimum. At least this is defined only after the exams are over. Because it is calculated on the basis of the analysis of all works. And then have to see how many of the items "failed" graduate.
If the bad were put only one item of the two main, to retake the exam in this academic year in a specially designated additional days.
How to retake <strong>CSE</strong>
If the graduate does not cope with the final tests in two subjects, then to retake them, he can only next year. But on the passport it would have no impact. If the doctrine gets a bad mark on the main subject, your grade in this class is based on the arithmetic mean among the results of the exam and the earlier school certification. This so-called rule of "+1".
If the graduate could not overcome the minimum threshold on points, handing the unified state exam on subject from the list of "optional", then retake this final certification will only be possible for the next academic year.
How to retake <strong>CSE</strong>
If you think that the work estimated was wrong, you can appeal. To consider your request will be within two days. If you recognize that the Commission acted incorrectly, the results can be challenged.
Another is to retake the exam you can and if you are not satisfied with the amount received for the certification of scores, despite the fact that they are sufficient for obtaining the certificate, to retake the exam. But only for the next year.
How to retake <strong>CSE</strong>

Advice 2: What to expect on the exam in 2016

Hot topic in the last decade - exam - still does not lose relevance, especially for those who are planning to take the exam this year. Immediately about pleasant – in 2016, graduates will be able to retake the exam three times.
What to expect on the exam in 2016

This decision can be called rational, since the chance to retake the exam on a psychological level, calms the student, because "you never know what can happen on exam day that will significantly affect its outcome. The class of 2015, which was not satisfied with the results of the exam also will be able to retake it in 2016.

According to FIPI, made some changes, including significant, exam papers in many subjects. For mathematics profile level minimum threshold with 34 points dropped to 32, whereas in the Russian language it is on the contrary increased from 56 to 57 points. Changes in the profile of math homework, in particular the decision to remove the task of solid geometry. This increased level of complexity.

Significant changes have affected many elective subjects: history, social science, geography, chemistry. There is nothing fundamentally new in comparison with the previous year graduates of 2016 will meet in the examination tasks, literature, biology, physics, mathematics basic level of complexity.

In 2016 remains mandatory are two exam – Russian language and mathematics. The number of elective subjects, as in previous years, is limited only to the desire of the graduate.

The Ministry of education is increasingly talking about the need to reduce the test part in the test job. Whatever it was, but the solution tests in some extent still implies a certain probability of randomly hitting the correct answers that should be kept to a minimum. So it is likely that future graduates will not see tests on two compulsory subjects – Russian language and basic mathematics.

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