Advice 1: How to retake the exam

The system of graduation exams by the method of Unified state examination operates not the first year. But still in connection with it, students and their parents have a lot of questions. And most important of them - is it possible to retake the exam?
How to retake the exam
Unified state examination is the form of the final certification of school graduates conducted in the form of a test. Carried out this exam in the main subjects - Russian language, literature and mathematics. To retake the examas any other exam. Only a few conditions. To retake the final test only if the scores obtained during testing were below established by Rosobrnadzor minimum. At least this is defined only after the exams are over. Because it is calculated on the basis of the analysis of all works. And then have to see how many of the items "failed" graduate.
If the bad were put only one item of the two main, to retake the exam in this academic year in a specially designated additional days.
How to retake <strong>CSE</strong>
If the graduate does not cope with the final tests in two subjects, then to retake them, he can only next year. But on the passport it would have no impact. If the doctrine gets a bad mark on the main subject, your grade in this class is based on the arithmetic mean among the results of the exam and the earlier school certification. This so-called rule of "+1".
If the graduate could not overcome the minimum threshold on points, handing the unified state exam on subject from the list of "optional", then retake this final certification will only be possible for the next academic year.
How to retake <strong>CSE</strong>
If you think that the work estimated was wrong, you can appeal. To consider your request will be within two days. If you recognize that the Commission acted incorrectly, the results can be challenged.
Another is to retake the exam you can and if you are not satisfied with the amount received for the certification of scores, despite the fact that they are sufficient for obtaining the certificate, to retake the exam. But only for the next year.
How to retake <strong>CSE</strong>

Advice 2: How to pass the state exam

Best of all – the first time. Agree that not very well to pass the state exam the second time. Yes, and it's a shame: classmates have long passed him and rest prior to working, and preparing for the "second attempt". So passing the state exam "for the future" it is better not to postpone.
How to pass the state exam

By the way, large and complex state exam much easier to pass than the primitive subject in the first year: any normal student during his studies at the "Alma mater" adapts to constant monitoring of his IQ and knows that "not so devil as he is painted." However, taking this statement for the idea, you should not rely only on him. To prepare for the exam you need to seriously.

Emphasize that thoroughly forgotten

Preparing for the exam, do not grasp the head, reviewing the list of questions. Even if at first some of the topics seem unfamiliar, you can be sure: most of what you need to know, you know. Only a few pages of the textbook or notes (if you have one) and you'll understand that completely forgotten the subject you remember. There is one rule: usually forgotten what I knew quite well and handed over immediately. Discipline, forced to suffer, is remembered for a long time, like a toothache. So to remember will be thoroughly forgotten quite easily: with this and start.

Correctly to pass the state exam will banal "spur"

Some students pass the exams without charging. Others see it as blatant lies and we are sure that at least once in their life cheated any student. Many people think that on the state exam can not be written off. The others are not without reason to believe that the state can be attributed, and it is absolutely no problem: after all, if you admitted to such a test, and you do not know anything, blame the teachers who failed to understand over the years of training.

Those who hope for the state exam to write off, there is one thing: to write off only have the crib. The impressive mountain of textbooks with you to the exam will not carry, but one is not enough. Therefore, the right to pass the state exam can only help sensible crib. It is better if you write it yourself. First, if you manage to use such, you will be able to read what is written there. Second, if you don't use it, then the question still answer: because you learned it while writing tips, isn't it? By the way, when copying information from a textbook or computer works "mechanical memory", even if the crib you do not write by hand and type in the editor window.

To pass the state exam with a smartphone and the Internet may fail

Especially if you are studying in a technical high school. Competent teacher-geeks will take great pleasure as a gentle exercise to dispel your hopes and aspirations, blocked opportunities of mobile communication. Besides, information from the Internet should not always be trusted, and "help a friend" may be a disservice. Besides, we should not forget that any calculation for Russian "maybe" relaxes and allows you to forget the fact that he remembered at least in part. Want to pass the state exam? Only rely on yourself.

Advice 3: How to retake the exam in the SAI

The exam for the right driving a car obey the first time not all. So do not worry if there is going to retake and prepare for her to pass for sure.
How to retake the exam in the SAI
You will need
  • - examination fees;
  • - computer with Internet access;
  • - a few extra driving lessons;
Sign up for a retake. If you pass driving school, sign up directly to her if you surrender yourself, in that Department of traffic police, where you started to pass. Re-designate not earlier than in a week, so you will have time to adequately prepare.
If the first time you failed to pass the theoretical section, repeat tickets again. Best to repeat them on the actual collection of tickets, as tests online do not always contain updated questions.
To be ready to retake the racetrack or city driving, take some extra driving lessons. You can make arrangements with the instructor who has trained, or find a private instructor through the Internet or through a friend. Ask the instructor to work with you those elements that cause you difficulty. How many lessons need to judge for yourself: to overdo it with exercise difficult.
A day before retaking try not to be nervous. Tune in to the good outcome of the exam. Do not go to bed too late, because the exams usually start early in the morning, and the broken condition is not conducive to a successful change. If you are going through so much, I can't sleep, you can drink some soothing herbal. Strong drugs in this situation are not recommended because their use may blunt the attention and slow reaction.
In the morning before retaking don't forget to have Breakfast or to catch some food on the way to the Department of traffic police. Typically, the exam takes one hour, and to go to satisfy your hunger will not work – you could be change at any time.
If the driving school you are forced to take mandatory hours of driving for them to get a retake, you can always refuse their service and pass the exams independently. Such demands from the driving schools have no legal basis.
Useful advice
The main thing – keep calm during the retake. Don't let emotions ruin your exam. Calm and care – a pledge of success in the exam for the driving license.

Advice 4: How to evaluate the exam in Russian language

Not only teachers but also students should know how to assess the exam on the Russian language. This will help them to intelligently approach each task, to understand what you should pay special attention during the preparation and result in a high score.
How to evaluate the exam in Russian language
First of all, you must understand that the total score is the sum of the points for the test part (unit a, unit b), and for essay-argument (unit).
Block A you will need to choose one correct answer from four options. For each correctly completed task you can get one score. In this test you will be asked to complete thirty tasks. Therefore, the maximum possible score at this stage of work may be thirty primary points.
Completing tasks in a block, you will need to themselves to formulate the correct answer (specify quotation number, or the number of grammatical basics, record a word or phrase, etc.). All you need to perform eight tasks. However, keep in mind that for the first seven tasks will be billed at one point, but for eighth - from one to four. In it you will need to determine the artistic-expressive means used in the text.
The text you were working, doing the job block In, you will need to write an essay-argument. The maximum number of points per piece With twenty - three. But note that the essay should be not less than one hundred and fifty words. Otherwise, you will receive one point for each of the criteria.
Evaluating an essay-the arguments put up one point for correctly formulated problem, one or two points for comment, one more point you will earn for the clear position of the author.
Next set at two points for expressive speech, the sequence and connectivity of parts of the text. Also assessed spelling and punctuation literacy. For this skill you can add to a General primary marks for the three points, if you don't make any mistakes.
Pay attention to grammar and speech, as this also affects the results of your work.
Thus, you can get the maximum raw score, equal to sixty four. But he later still will transfer at a certain scale to test score. Such a scale of transfer, as a rule, voiced by Rosobrnadzor in three or four days after the exam. This score will be brought to you in a certificate of the results of the exam.

Advice 5: How do you evaluate the exam in mathematics

To receive a high school diploma in 2014 students need to pass two core exams in the format of the exam: on the Russian language and mathematics. Graduates should exceed the minimum threshold of points to be counted. The number of points changes every year.
How do you evaluate the exam in mathematics

What you need to know about the exam

In 2014, to overcome the minimum threshold in mathematics need to master all 5 jobs and gain, as in the past 2013, not less than 24 points.

Tasks of the unified state examination in mathematics – control and measuring materials (Kimy) – are compiled by FIPI (Federal Institute of pedagogical measurements) on the basis of the material studied in the school course of mathematics, including algebra and geometry.

Exam paper math in the format of the exam consists of parts B and C. Answers to each part are measured given the complexity of the task. For example, the correct solution of each of the tasks C1 and C2 is estimated at 2 points, more complex tasks C5 and C6 is already 4 points.

32 points – the maximum, which is defined for examination papers in mathematics in 2014. The primary points transformirovalsya in the test. 32 primary test score is equal to 100. Conversion table raw score math test will appear only after the exam.

If you had worked out the universities requiring in-depth knowledge of mathematics, the tasks C5 and C6 is designed specifically for you, as they have an increased level of difficulty.

How to check examination papers in mathematics in the format of the exam

Part B exam-2014 in math as in past years, plan to test a computer by scanning, so the graduate is extremely important to fill in the answers in legible handwriting. Part C is estimated from current teachers of mathematics independently of each other. If the scores assigned by experts, will be different in 3 or more points, shall appoint a third expert. It will test those tasks which do not find a compromise. Further forms with the results of the validation scan and sealed sent to Moscow – in a single testing center of the Ministry of education.

It is important to know that a graduate can appeal in case of disagreement with the results of the exam. Only considered it to be maybe in the direction of increasing and decreasing the points for work.

There are many myths about the exam, but if you have the knowledge and due diligence to be afraid it should not.

Advice 6: What do the exam scores

Early marks for examinations passed exposed on five-point system, a familiar and understandable. Now the results of the exam double-digit numbers that allow you to more objectively assess the knowledge of the student and give him a pass for further study.

What do the exam scores

A huge number of graduates having a completely different level of knowledge and give the exam. In order to objectively assess their individual training, the leading Russian experts were introduced such concepts as "primary" and "test" scores.

Each task of the exam is graded from 1 to 6 points. Primary score is a simple sum of all correct answers. Depending on the discipline the maximum number of points varies from 37 to 80.

After setting the raw score is the procedure of scaling, which is the translation of the results obtained in test scores based on the processing of the replies received. Therefore, the test score is the final score obtained by each students according to the exam results.

Scale, according to which the translation of the raw score in a test that takes into account the complexity of tasks and the results of the statistical analysis of all examination papers of the participants. The calculation is carried out using a specially developed computer program, which is based on a mathematical model that takes into account a range of intermediate indicators.

To confirm the development of educational disciplines, graduate must earn the minimum number of test points, which is regulated by the order of Rosobrnadzor on the results of each specific exam. Information about the required minimum test scores becomes available 7 days after the exams for a specific.

If the number of points you received on the results of the exam are higher than the statutory minimum, it means that you passed the exam, successfully completed the programme of secondary education and can use the results for admission to the UNIVERSITY.

In the case when your result one of the two mandatory exam below the minimum, then you can exercise your right to retake the exam. However, it can be done only in special reserve days once and only on one subject.

If you did not receive the minimum number of points in two compulsory subjects (Russian language and mathematics), then you will be denied re-examination in the current year. In this case, you will naturally lose your passport and will only receive a certificate of training in high school. In this case, the right to retake the exams next year.

Advice 7: What to expect on the exam in 2016

Hot topic in the last decade - exam - still does not lose relevance, especially for those who are planning to take the exam this year. Immediately about pleasant – in 2016, graduates will be able to retake the exam three times.
What to expect on the exam in 2016

This decision can be called rational, since the chance to retake the exam on a psychological level, calms the student, because "you never know what can happen on exam day that will significantly affect its outcome. The class of 2015, which was not satisfied with the results of the exam also will be able to retake it in 2016.

According to FIPI, made some changes, including significant, exam papers in many subjects. For mathematics profile level minimum threshold with 34 points dropped to 32, whereas in the Russian language it is on the contrary increased from 56 to 57 points. Changes in the profile of math homework, in particular the decision to remove the task of solid geometry. This increased level of complexity.

Significant changes have affected many elective subjects: history, social science, geography, chemistry. There is nothing fundamentally new in comparison with the previous year graduates of 2016 will meet in the examination tasks, literature, biology, physics, mathematics basic level of complexity.

In 2016 remains mandatory are two exam – Russian language and mathematics. The number of elective subjects, as in previous years, is limited only to the desire of the graduate.

The Ministry of education is increasingly talking about the need to reduce the test part in the test job. Whatever it was, but the solution tests in some extent still implies a certain probability of randomly hitting the correct answers that should be kept to a minimum. So it is likely that future graduates will not see tests on two compulsory subjects – Russian language and basic mathematics.

Advice 8: How to pass the exam

In order to successfully pass the unified state examination, it is necessary to properly prepare.
If you studied for the exam, you will pass
Training should start a week before the exam, and for the year. Even better - since the beginning of 10th grade. In the summer when you have plenty of time, spend a day, two hours the repetition of material, especially where you feel unsure. So you'll not only update their knowledge but also for the new school year will approach prepared and quickly enter into operating mode. Naturally, the choice of optional exam refer to his future profession. He will be opening for your specialty.
To independently prepare for the exam is very difficult. It is better to seek the assistance of a tutor. Experienced tutor "dragged" is the knowledge that will be helpful for passing the exam and will also help you to see your mistakes. Be prepared that the entire 11 class of your day is home - courses - school.

When you asked to take the trial test, be sure to go. Rehearsal of the exam will help you to feel the atmosphere of this important event, and also to understand how much time you must take solving problems. A maximum of 1 exam is 4 hours. For tasks A and B you should not go more than an hour. The rest of the time will be devoted to job C.
When will come the day "X" to take a pass at the venue of the exam, passport, 2-3 black gel pen, pencil, eraser, ruler. Don't forget chocolate and mineral water.
Going into the audience, quietly situated, a few times take a deep breath and exhale. The main thing - not to worry, after all, you spent an entire year not wasted, and the knowledge you have.
When I bring the package with the tasks and forms, carefully fill in the registration data. After a visual signal at the beginning of the exam proceed to the solution of tasks. Even if you think that you decided I could stay till the last minute. The correct answer may come suddenly.
If the results came back unfavorable, or you are unable to attend a mandatory exam for a valid reason, you have the opportunity to retake it in reserve day. If both the required exam is not passed, a retake is possible only next year. Same thing with the optional exams.

Advice 9: How to get a higher education without exam

Exam the exam is mandatory for all graduates of Russian schools. To after grade 11 papers accepted to the University will have to pass at least a minimum number of exams. However, there are ways, as, not passing the exam, you can get a higher education.
To higher education without exam possible!
At the end of the 11th grade pupils of Russian schools pass the Unified state examination. It is needed to receive a high school diploma, and its results affect the ability to go to College. If the student is not gaining even a lower score on one or more subjects, school certificate he can not give. Such pupil leaves school with a certificate that they have attended 11 classes. You can try to retake the exam the following year and then to go to College.

But is it possible to get a higher education without exam those who do not want to take exams in a form? Because the exam is not only painful hours of serious training, the money spent on Tutors and courses, but rather a subjective assessment of student knowledge. Assessment, which, nevertheless, affects his success in life. Not to mention that passing the exam is a terrible hassle for students and their parents.

Get higher education without exam

Such prospects are enticing for any child. But is it feasible? There are several options when to take the exam for higher education is not required, or the results will be essential for admission to the University:

1. To win or be a winner of all-Russian Olympiad for schoolchildren or University Olympiad held for students. Diploma of all-Russian Olympiad will mean that the student can enter any University without exams and without regard to the certificate exam. To have such a certificate will only need to receive a high school diploma. The prize winners of a University are enrolled without examinations only in this University.

This, of course, a great outlet for many talented people. But not all students have big talents for winning in such events.

2. After 9th grade to go to College, and after him to go to College on a shortened form of training for this specialty. Applies this system in all universities, but to find the universities that host in short form without the exam, it is possible. However, it is possible that the future student will have to pass internal exams of University to confirm a specialty. In addition, the curriculum of the University and College are different, and when the student is enrolled at the 2-3 year, he has to pass the academic difference. And it can reach ten examinations or tests.

3. You can do in a University abroad or one that operates under the license of foreign educational institutions in Russia. The results of the exam do not need, but may require examination results, students who rent in this country. What is also important – getting education abroad or in a foreign University on the territory of our country is rarely free. On the budget form of the Russian entrant to do not work, and scholarships our students receive is extremely rare.

The results

To pass or not to pass the exam scheduled for each student. The Russian education system does not force every person who wants to get higher education, take exams on this form is mandatory. Options, how to do things better, for everyone.
Is the advice useful?