Purchase materials for exam preparation. In addition to the regular school textbooks can be useful guides for the exam preparation with test tasks. Moreover, it is important that these materials were released this year. This is due to the fact that the standards of the Unified state examination change annually.
Hire a teacher, if the performance of tasks causes you serious difficulties. Having to go a whole year before the exam. Can be quite a few meetings, during which you will be able to understand in which you have difficulties. A good alternative may be group classes for students at the University in which you are going to do. So you will be able to get acquainted with future teachers and classmates.
Get ready in every part of the exam, depending on its specificity. Block A contains test tasks. You have to choose one of four options. In this part of the exam will be questions on knowledge of spelling of unstressed vowels, consonants renewed for punctuation. Also often there are questions on the understanding of the meaning of words and expressions. For example, you may come across a question about what the semantic difference between the words "hard" and "cruel", "company" and "campaign".
When you perform a part In be prepared for the fact that you will have to formulate a response. It usually consists of a single word or phrase. If tasks of unit And is designed for a satisfactory rating, the part is more complicated and requires more advanced knowledge.
Learn how to write an essay for block C. In this part of the job you are given a text to read and analyze, and then in the form of a short essay to answer the question. Try to write as specific as possible. Cite in text quotations in verse and prose - this will decorate your little piece. Obey the volume - you can deduct points for too much text. It is desirable that the part in your performance during the preparation was checked by a tutor or teacher of the Russian language.