The appeal of the exam may be different. So, if a student sees the exam of violation of the order, he may file a technical appeal. It is appropriate in the case of, for example, when someone graduates, not given forms or drafts, misrepresented data, etc. If the student believes that this has prevented him to successfully pass the exam, the appeal – good output.

Need to take a job and then within a couple of hours after the exam to submit to the Commission a complaint. One takes the chair of the Commission, on the other hand give the graduate. Then you create a conflict Commission, which checks. If violations are confirmed, the results of the exam will be revoked, and the Complainant gets a second chance to pass the exam. The delay can be used to prepare for the exam better.

And yet the appeal most likely to occur if a graduate is dissatisfied with the assessment. This can be done within two working days after received the results of the exam. The complaint also have to write in 2 copies issued on Commission letterhead. One remains in Commission, and the other is handed to the student. With this instance he comes to the consideration of the appeal in the exam.

About the time of this review must be notified in advance. To come to the Commission with possible parents, all reviewers must have a passport. But even if you do not are one, the complaint still would consider carefully check all the work.

The answer is given on the same day. Very often it happens that the members of the Commission add a couple of points. But it is not enough in the case of intense struggle for a place in a prestigious University.