The angel Chamuel, and in Russian pronunciation Gabriel, one of the strongest defenders of humanity, whose name literally means "one who sees God."
It is believed that the angel Chamuel teaches kindness and forgiveness, insisting on the replacement of revenge of humility, a sense of injustice - the love of divine source.

Such superpowered angels are considered beings with powerful energy, performing the function of guards to get all encroach on the existing peace and order of the flow of life. It is believed that Chemoil aims to help people to find self, to build a strong Foundation of life on earth, therefore, the Archangel asked about such eternal and important subjects as love, friendship, career growth.

The angel with the face of a warrior

Ancient mythology is Kamuela supporter of the war and the fighting, according to Scripture it is Chamuel wrestled with Jacob and was involved in the mixing of peoples in well-known myth of the tower of Babel, serving as a kind of lens for lighting people with a ruby light that come from God in order to educate people of different languages, subdue their pride, and eliminate the evils of society.

The name as a reflection

Interestingly, the name Chamuel can take various forms, the Archangel called Hailom, Kamael and even Serafeim. The Archangel is the most fierce advocate for the power of love, and refers to the seven strongest representatives of the divine army of superior beings.
Appeal to it promotes mental and heart qualities, the disclosure of a person's creative and other potentials related to the field of virtue.

It is believed that the Archangel is the invisible protector of those who suffered from the destruction of family or friendship, he gives wisdom, teaches selflessly to forgive their abusers, is the patron of creativity and art, which is considered a major cure for the healing of human souls and hearts.

According to the Scriptures, an appeal to Camilo gives man peace and tranquility, allows one to realize the divine principle of all that exists on earth and fills one with faith in healing and a better future. Chamuel gives people the opportunity to re-experience the beauty of this world, feel the joy, fun and love even when it seems that faith is exhausted and returning to normal life is not possible.