The mistress of a married man: the benefits of the relationship

For young and poor girls relationships with wealthy married man can deliver tangible business benefits. Through a rich and generous lover, you can improve their well-being. However, the main thing here is not to sell too cheap and to accept only the real help. However, in this case it is necessary to realistically assess their capabilities. The girl who dreams of becoming the mistress of a wealthy married man, must be very attractive, very few people want an ugly concubine.

To be a mistress of a married man profitable. For free-spirited women, this relationship means independence and the absence of any obligations. At any time to part with her lover.

Relationship with a married man do not interfere with parallel search for a husband. No need to rush to the first comer, and thoroughly choose a future life partner, with whom one can feel relaxed and as comfortable as possible.

Married women for relationship on the side give the feeling that, alas, were unavailable in family life. For these women to become the mistress of a married man means to assert themselves, to prove to herself that her feminine attractiveness is still alive.

Actually, with the right approach, relationship with a married man is able to bring a lot of joy. You can build this connection so that it will be beneficial for both parties.

The mistress of a married man: cons and pitfalls

If everything is so good, then why the vast majority of mistresses of married men so unhappy? It turns out that in such relationships there is still enough of the disadvantages that burden partners.

The woman eventually begins to understand that her husband still belongs to another. Sooner or later the relations will arise a situation when a married man is forced to make a choice in favor of his wife. For example, going lovers to a concert and all of a sudden his wife calls her something urgently needed. And now, a married man is coming home, about the planned trip to a concert you have to forget. The mistress of a married man remains alone. Loneliness at the holidays – a lot of women who linked their fate with a married man.

Wife eventually finds out about the mistress. It all depends on the temperament of the spouse. The consequences for a mistress can be very different, up to the scandal with assault and battery.

The mistress of a married man is forced to always stay on "the sidelines". It will never fully possess her man. Brief encounters, vacation, and holidays spent alone, the constant hope that one day her lover will leave his family — all this makes the life of a mistress of a married man sad, humiliating and hopeless.