Why you should not leave her husband for lover

If you had a choice between her husband, with whom you long time was married, and lover, you need to weigh the pros and cons before making a decision.

Take a close look from both men. Compare not only their appearance, which will not play any role in your joint existence, but the nature of men. You have to choose such a life partner who will never betray and will not deceive you, will be a reliable support and support in all your problems, difficulties and undertakings. Your man needs to be strong and courageous, tough and persistent, and caring. Also, don't forget that if you don't have children in the future they will appear.

To throw a legal wife for a lover is sometimes silly, as my husband is the person you hand in hand gone a long way, coped with many difficulties and obstacles. You almost learned by heart all his habits, know how he will behave in a given situation. And your spouse probably at any time guess that you need to be completely happy.

Your love with a lover can cool down as quickly as it had flared, so if you are not sure a hundred percent sincerity of their feelings, better not jump to conclusions and leave it as is.

Why do I need to leave my husband and go to her lover

Relationship second halves in a legal or civil marriage are not always perfect. Sometimes women live with their husbands who don't care for them properly, give birth to intrigue on the side, have goals in life and think only about yourself. In addition, the man may be suffering from some bad habits that you do not wish to fight.

If your lawful spouse is a notorious selfish, not able to provide you a perfect future, and the lover is a promising young man who truly loves you and tries to please you and to provide you with any support, you can feel free to prefer the second to the representative of the stronger sex and enjoy the new relationship.

Just remember that, if you got a difficult choice between two men, it is better not to mess with their head, and to be honest in the appearance of the opponent and that you can't define your feelings. Any lie sooner or later become a reality, therefore, hiding the truth, you may lose your love.