What to do to become the mistress of a rich man

The first thing you need to do to attract the attention of a potential lover is to develop the interest to the person, sexual attraction. First you need a stylish and attractive dress.
This will help you a short, sexy dresses, high heels, everything that will emphasize the beauty of your figure.

Also very important is the makeup. Use a little mascara and shadow for expressive eyes and don't forget the glitter on your lips, they should look lush and bright. After all, men pay attention to how seductive woman is all about.

When you meet the right man, find out he just wants to have fun or married but still looking for a mistress. If he met you only in order to have fun, such a novel does not make sense, as it will not be long, and this man will not, most likely, no financial support, as young and beautiful girls around him very much.

In that case, if he has a wife, but he is in search of happiness outside the family, this is the best option for you. You will be able to become his mistress in that case, if he will start to trust you. Then your relationship will last long, and if it is to you, the money is on your content he will not be sorry.
Be careful. Your lover in any case don't have to guess about your own purposes and calculations, otherwise your relationship will end too sadly and rapidly.

The Internet in search of a wealthy sponsor

Practice has repeatedly shown that the Internet can help in the search for a wealthy lover. In the networks of the world wide web has a huge number of Dating sites. A considerable part of them are those that seek their fortunes wealthy and promising men. Important in search process - to prevent a number of errors, frightening off potential rich boyfriend. For this you need to behave feel as normal as possible and not to make any allusions to money.

In that case, if a man will not know that you are with him for the most part because of money, your relationship will last long and will bring you huge benefit, as most rich men are friendly and lenient towards women. It should not be forgotten that all rich people are more demanding of others, and for the use of their money and care you will also have to pay more.
In their dreams of wealth, remember that money is only a small part of the vital components in the pursuit of well-being be prepared for anything, because it may not bring you the desired happiness.