If you think that having a mistress, while having a normal family simply is not viable for men. And with the psychological and material point of view. It's nothing like an extra headache and money on gifts, restaurants and providing a second woman. Instead of in time to come home after work, have dinner, take a bath and lay down on the sofa, the man gets in trouble, going to his mistress. You have then to justify to the wife, who was beginning to lose patience and trust.

There is a whole variety of factors that push a man to infidelity: fading interest in wife, an excess of hormones, curiosity, desire to diversify sexual life, upbringing, heredity, and sometimes banal alcohol. But the main reason is often the environment of a traitor – friends and acquaintances who are pushing for this step. The law - "to live with wolves-wolf howl on" works almost perfectly.

It often happens that a man has in mind sexual fantasies that are not possible to realize with wife. Therefore, the representatives of the stronger sex are trying to find a mistress to carry out all conceived, invented from his own scripts or vysotnogo in pornographic films. If he finds a woman, then their relationship can last years and not bother anyone. Getting missing feeling on the side, the husband behaves in the family much better than before.

Successful people should be around and at times, proving their worth, men are willing to look like real males. However, this is not the best reason to have Affairs on the side. In this case, does not smell neither understanding nor love nor desire. It reeks of selfishness and money. The mistress should be the appearance of the model to demonstrate the financial situation of the man and his taste.

Sometimes a man ceases to feel its significance in family life: not enough money, crumbling career, a wife nags and not trying to understand. Just at this moment next to him is the woman that literally worships him and stares adoringly. It is not binding, does not impose requirements, to be treated with respect and admiration to every action. So as not to become attached to this person? She's like an antidepressant, which is calm and comfortable. So dive men at the welcoming hole of his mistress, and there's absolutely not important appearance, the main thing that they revere.