Select the position that you now occupy. Perhaps you fell in love with a man without knowing that he is married; or you know that the choice is not free, but decided on a closer contact. Another situation: you are married, is he married, both of you are satisfied with this "quadrilateral". A fourth option - you don't care that he was married, for you it is the best communication.
Your choice depends on how you should behave. But for any of the options there are General conditions. Stepping on the curve of the track of such relationship, be prepared for anything. No one is saying that it is difficult or easy, but your goals must be formulated clearly and concisely. The rickety state of the "love-dislike-money-habit" sow false hope only in your head. For men the situation is comfortable and pleasant as long as you don't claim your relationship. Refers to the fact in which direction they will proceed.
If you fell in love with a young man who was not free, try to determine whose fault that you missed such an important detail. The first option you have covered with the unearthly tide of feelings, the veil is securely shrouded eyes, you do not respond to broad hints. The second option is your partner has a crush and is afraid of you to frighten such status. The third man stubbornly hidden from you until the last of the family.
Turn relationship and cut off the shoulder, if the status is "married" hiding your man. The relationship will not lead to anything good. It's a trap, fueled by your hopes. Don't let up the slack, not to regret about wasted time on someone who will not make you happy.
If you turned a blind eye to the facts, then it is time to open them and look. It's not too late to flee and forget this ever happened, as if it was a dream. The chosen one has a family, a wife who loves him and cherishes them might have children. You will ruin someone else's happiness, someone else's ashes is difficult to build a new home.
Fight for your love if it is mutual and strong. Appropriate here the following tips: do not think about his wife, think about your relationship with him, fight for him, and thus setting up his family. Bear, because to destroy the family and to start life anew favorite can not for one day, perhaps, it will take a year.
Get real, talk straight, because you knew what was going on. Or use all that give you this relationship or try to get rid of them. Male, being married, allowed himself something more than flirting in your direction. If you were in place of his wife, a highly do you rate him act? Be the lover you don't need. He's not worthy of you. You feel a sense of love, and he a sense of grandeur, possessing simultaneously two women.
"Love quadrangle" can diversify your life. Playing this game, follow the rules. Do not be jealous, not capitivates not get to the truth. Privacy – your horse. Don't share personal, not elaborate, not make friends. In fact, it's just your love joy. At this point.
Use married lover and know their own worth, when it comes to market relations. It may sound harsh but sobering in serious situations. The man does not promise you mountains of gold, when considered necessary, care and concern for your mood. He uses you, you, in turn, use it. The opportunities that he gives. If you want to get the most from this novel, here works the principle: "Nothing can not hear, not see, not say." Legal spouse lover should not know about your existence. Otherwise, it will result in headache and stress. Do not fall, not to fail.