The first and main secret of a perfect lover, knowing how to keep a man sex, is an accurate knowledge of the needs of this man. It is important to understand that detailed instructions are not attached to the partner, and is prepared through experiments and straight talk in bed.

The second secret is the most memorable sex for men, this night is not a master of the Kama Sutra, and with a woman who he truly wants. With such a mistress male pride jumps up to the heavens, and release the woman, making love with genuine pleasure, can only emotionless post.

Secret number three – Kegel exercises, allowing not only to master and to control the muscles of the vagina, but also to keep the wall in good shape almost until old age. Through these exercises, a woman can deliver a man heavenly pleasure, without special or tedious bed tricks.

The fourth secret is that a mistress was able to gain a firm foothold in the minds of men on a subconscious level. Sexologists recommend the following trick: at the moment of male orgasm to click on any point on his body. Over time, the pleasure the man will begin to tightly associate with that feeling, which will be known only his woman.

Fifth and not less important, the secret sex life should involve constant seducing men. Little one or two times to wear as a favour beautiful lingerie and pretend to be passionate courtesan – the most durable ties are found among couples where the woman gives the man the chance to feel like a real alpha male, hunting for prey.