Secret negotiations at the principal's office

If one of the employees is often lost in the Director's office, it is possible that the door in question is not about the company's plans and about the next romantic date. The mistress of the Director usually comes to his office several times a day for quite minor reasons: to clarify the job once again to remind you about the holiday, to complain to the cleaning lady. And very often head out to your favorite co-worker, casually inviting her to come in after parade. In most cases, the head behaves severely stressed in relation to the mistress in order not to draw unnecessary suspicion.
Only 30% of women recognized that a novel with the head of their inspired passion. The rest are resolved to the relationship because of the desire for career growth.

The behavior and look - that's what gives

The mistress of the head is usually more casually than the rest of the staff. And if a man tries to stay more reserved, it's even more inflames a woman. She can make ambiguous allusions to the Director, even when all the other employees, he mysteriously smile and openly flirt. For women, it is important the recognition of its status, so secret relationship of her jar, even if she tries to cope with it. The mistress of the head always proud of his position so often makes hints about his relationship with the chief. However, when a direct question she would prefer to remain silent or mysterious smile.
If a woman tells all about the relationship with the boss, it's unlikely she's telling the truth. Most often, the mistress prefers not to give his position.

Appearance of the mistress of the chief

Passion Director often starts to get dressed. She uses a more sexy image and makeup bright colors eye, lip, fluttering her hair. It can be noticed, if a company has a strict dress code. Usually the Director is more loyal to the appearance of his mistress and allows her more free style than others. Often the mistress of the head preening before you enter the office to the chief, paints her lips and adjusts her hair.

Joint visits - reason for suspicion

Joint business trip of the chief and his Secretary or one of the essential employees is common. However, if they are too frequent, this is something to ponder. A change of scenery and a new place where nobody knows anybody, is a great hideaway for lovers. The Director and his missus usually go to business trip in other city or country. But long business trips around town can cause suspicion. Also one of the symptoms - often joint leaving work, when the boss invites his subordinates to take her home or spend.