You will need
  • satellite tuner (receiver).
Connect your satellite antenna to satellite receiver. To do this, take coaxial cable, strip it, on the ends of the screw the F-connectors and connect the Converter tuner via the input LBNin. Be careful, at this point, the receiver should be disconnected from the network 220 In, pull the plug from the socket.
Connect the satellite tuner to the TV. Connect any of the jacks on both the receiver - scart, tulips, coaxial output, HDMI available on the receiver. After connecting, select any convenient channel, now it's switching between programs will produce a remote tuner. Select manual mode – channel search, satellite receiver must be turned on and its display should glow the number, not hours. Save the channel on the TV.
Set the satellite tuner to receive signals from transponders of the selected satellite or group of satellites. Press the "Menu" button, then "antenna" or "settings", select the appropriate satellite, if not – manually enter and set values on the items DiSEqC, positioner, LNB, 0/12V, tone flash. For example, for linear universal Converter LNB lo frequency is 9750/10600,for circular – 10750,C-BAND is 5150. These specifications marked on the label of the satellite head.
From the menu select the desired satellite, select the DiSEqC for him. The most common connection option for multiple satellites 4 - port switch. Connecting the satellite LNB to the DiSEqC switch, check what the inputs were each connected. Menu satellite receiver set ports of the DiSEqC switch are respectively connected to the satellite heads. Or configure each satellite separately.
Add the desired channel on the satellite receiver. For this you need to configure the transponders and scan them. To determine the desired settings on the following websites or Then enter them in the menu of the transponders of the satellite and press the scan button. Save the channels, do this two times a month, as the satellites can change position. If the channel is not found, then it may be bad or configured to receive antenna, or transponder parameters have changed. Make the updated settings to the list for desired satellite and scan it again.