You will need
  • - TV tuner;
  • driver;
  • - a program to view TV signal.
Select TV tuner. This stage is, perhaps, the most important thing in configuring the device. The fact that not all TV tuners can be approached for your computer, especially if they do not have their own program for viewing the video. There is a device with internal charge, connected via a free Ethernet port on the router and plug into a USB port or IEEE 1394 port on the computer. Determine which type suitable for your PC or laptop. If necessary, purchase an adapter.
Connect TV tuner to PC or laptop. This step depends on which type of unit you purchased. If you are unsure of their actions, read the manual, which should be equipped with TV tuner. Check the cable connection connectors.
Turn on your computer or laptop and insert the driver CD that was sold bundled with a TV tuner. If such a drive there, then the required files you can download in the Internet on the website of the device manufacturer. If you have installed the Windows 7 operating system, in some cases, it will prompt you to download the required updates.
Install software for watching TV channels. It is on the disc sold with a TV tuner. Failing this, you can configure the device under Windows Media Center or download a suitable viewer. In the first case it is necessary to check the compatibility of your TV signal, transmitted by the TV tuner and the Windows Media Center program. To find such information on the site
Connect the TV tuner to a cable TV or antenna. Run the program to receive a TV signal, and click scan the channels. If all the previous steps you performed correctly, you will see a list of TV channels. Otherwise, check the connection of the TV tuner.