You will need
  • connectors connect to a TV tuner and antenna for satellite tuner, satellite antenna, TV, user manual tuner.
The first step in configuring the satellite tuner is calling a technician, who with the help of special equipment will target (pozitsioniruet) satellite dish to the desired satellite. Unfortunately, to perform this action is impossible.
Satellite tuners and TVs have different connectors. You must choose one through which you will be connecting satellite tuner to the TV. Modern TVs have a variety of connections. Mainly use plug-type "Tulip" or HDMI if the TV tuner and allow you to use it.
After connecting all the connectors, move on to configure the tuner. To do this, select any channel and the corresponding settings. If you select AUTO, the setting will take place automatically, and the found channels will be automatically saved in the memory of the tuner, to record their serial number as finding the next new programs. You can also choose the type of settings Manually - configured then only the channel selected at the time of setup. To change to the next channel will have to choose the most appropriate Adjuster team. Also there is fine tuning that more successfully configure a specific channel.
Basic tuning is complete, i.e., it is possible to operate the satellite tuner. However, in addition to the basic settings of the tuner there are additional settings that make its operation more comfortable. For example, the tuner can be set to auto - on / off, setting date and time. Also, some tuners allow you to automatically record videos on a personal computer or external media.