Before you can configure the "Tricolor TV" on their own, make sure the receiver is connected properly. The receiver connects to the TV using your antenna cable or a regular cable with connector "SCART" or "jingle bells". In the high-frequency connection podsoedenit cable to the antenna Jack of the TV and connect it to the output RF Out. Next, connect the receiver to an electrical outlet and turn on the main switch. If you produce a low-frequency connection, connect the receiver cable from the "scarta" or "tulips", and then turn on the receiver network.
Wait until on the screen the words BOOT and the digits of the channel. On the remote control select the video mode button A/V. If there was an inscription "No signal", then the receiver is connected correctly. Check the presence of a sufficiently strong satellite signal, trying to bring any random channel. If you have a signal, will appear and the image. When the blue color on the screen, additional settings are required.
Install the right satellite dish to adjust the "Tricolor TV" on their own, if the lost settings. She needs to look to the South. Click on the remote i button appeared on the screen of the scale of strength and signal quality. Slowly rotate the dish left and right, up and down, observing the changes on the TV screen. If your neighbors also use the "Tricolor TV", set the antenna in the same direction.
Observe the behavior of both scales. Their full population means good signal. After a while the TV image appears. If filled with only one dial forget it, gradually turning the mirror of the first antenna vertically and horizontally.
Self-adjustment "Tricolor TV" usually ends with a check of the receiver. For this you will need a custom map "Tricolor TV" on it and specified code and serial number of the receiver, the passport of the owner and the address at which the equipment is installed. The fastest way to register the receiver by using the website "Tricolor TV". Enter the required information; download, print and sign agreement, then send by mail or bring personally to the company.