Before installation it is necessary to know the exact coordinates of the satellite, you can find them on the Internet. If you set up the equipment for signal reception "Tricolor TV" - one of the leading operators of satellite television antenna installation has to focus just to the South.
Attach the antenna, connect the cable with F-connectors LNB and the receiver. Connect the receiver and TV with the enclosed cables. Switch the TV to receive signal from the receiver. Click on the remote of the receiver (there is the option for "Tricolor TV") the red button. On the screen should appear a window with two scales of the signal level and its quality. While the antenna is not aimed at the satellite scale are empty. If the window does not appear and the screen is blank, check the proper connection of all cables.
If the window appears, proceed to configure the antenna. If you can't adjust the antenna and see the TV screen, you will need a helper. To communicate with him by cell phone. You'll be able to tune the antenna, the assistant to observe the scales of the strength and quality of signal.
For settings on "Tricolor TV" you need to Orient the antenna at a point that is six degrees to the left of the South – if you are standing to face him. But in order to catch the satellite, first turn the antenna about three degrees to the left direction to the South. Lower the plate down, then slowly start to raise it. If you receive a signal, the assistant should immediately report it.
If you catch the satellite signal has failed, again, lower the bowl, turn it even one degree to the left and start to slowly raise and repeat. Experience shows that to catch the satellite usually requires no more than ten minutes.
As soon as there was a signal, tighten the antenna mount. Now your task is to carefully tuning the antenna to achieve a signal level not less than 80%. When you need strength and signal quality will be obtained permanently attach the antenna.