You will need
  • Key to 10;
  • key 13;
  • - anchor bolts;
  • - coach screws with wall plugs;
  • - insulating tape.
Installing Tricolor starts with the Assembly of the dish itself. This should be done in accordance with the attached to the antenna instruction manual. If she for some reason is missing, you should look for plates that are installed on neighboring houses, and in their principle assemble your antenna.
Now decide where you will put the plate. All the satellites located above the equator. For Russia it is on the South side, so the antenna needs to be pointing South. It is not necessary to be strictly watched to the South. It will be enough that he was just not visible and was covered by tall trees and neighbouring buildings.
Most often a plate set for the window. This will secure the bracket, on which to hang a satellite dish. Mounting is best done with the help of anchor bolts or wood with dowels, the diameter of which can vary from 10 to 14 mm. For greater reliability, use all designed for mounting holes.
Now the LNB mounted on the antenna screw on the wire from two sides, which you'll find included with the plate. One end of the wire screw on the Converter, and the other end to the satellite receiver in the LNB IN connector.
Then you can hang the satellite dish itself. To do this, tighten the nuts vertically and horizontally, but not completely. This is necessary in order to be able to move the plate with little effort. However, she must not fly with fasteners.
Next, connect the receiver to the TV and start to move the plate in direction to the South. The antenna needs to move smoothly without any jerks, but this time you need to follow the receiver. Once you get a signal, tighten all the nuts at the plate. Then in automatic mode to find all the channels from the satellite.