If you perform the operation using the satellite Hot Bird, you can add about five hundred additional channels in different languages, including Russian. Configure additional channels "Tricolor" is carried out in several ways.

First method: install an additional satellite dish. It is more simple and cheap to implement way that is easy to implement yourself. To do this, buy an antenna with a diameter of 60 cm bracket for this antenna, DiSEqC switch, the Converter and the required amount of cable with connectors. The installation of the second antenna need as well as to hold the first set. Then simply adjust the antenna to receive satellite and search for channels.
The second method is the following: install two converters into one antenna for the reception of more channels. This method will be more difficult to implement and will have to spend a large sum, but you will remain for one plate.

If the antenna is less than 90 cm, replace it with a larger one. Naturally, you have to replace the bracket, which is suitable for plates of larger size. If you have initially is a big plate, rejoice: your work has decreased almost twice.

Additionally buy multifeed, Converter, switch and, again, the amount you need cable with special connectors.
After the installation and connection, you will have more than 15 different sports channels, more than 30 musical and also foreign thematic channels, most of them are available for viewing only in the original.

If you are not sure you can handle the installation, invite a specialist who will help you with this. Naturally, the cost will increase, but then you'll be sure that everything is done efficiently and reliably.
In addition, a possible embodiment of the reception from several satellites simultaneously, which also increases the number of channels several times.