Click the "Settings" icon on the home page mobile devices (the gear icon) and select Wi-Fi to perform the operation of turning on the wireless connection.
How to enable wifi in Iphone
Put the power switch in the "on" position (blue slider) and wait for the definition of available networks.
How to enable wifi in Iphone
Specify the desired network and enter the password value network in the dialog that opens (this operation is only performed the first time you connect in the future is not required).
How to enable wifi in Iphone
Click Join to confirm the command and click the blue arrow next to the name of the selected network connection settings manually (usually need to change the automatic settings is not required).
Enter the desired data and call the main menu of the Windows operating system on the computer by pressing the "start" button for wireless setup a computer to computer (if necessary).
How to enable wifi in Iphone
Go to "control Panel" and select "Network settings".
Context menu item "Wireless connections" click the right mouse button and select "Properties".
Go to the tab "Wireless network" and apply the check mark on "Use Windows to configure network".
Click "Add" and define the value of the network name (SSID) in the dialog properties window.
Apply a flag on the field "Is a direct connection the computer-computer" and click the OK button to confirm your selection.
Click "Continue" to run the command, and confirm the use of selected changes by pressing the OK button.
Go back to menu Network settings and open the context menu of the element "local area Connection" click the right mouse button.
Go to the "Advanced" tab of the resulting window properties and apply the checkbox on the "sharing Internet connection".
Go to "Options" and apply the check boxes in the fields "Secure web server" "Web server", "Internet Mail server", "Protocol Internet Mail Access Protocol, version 4" and "the Post-Office, version 3".
Click OK to execute the command and confirm the use of selected changes by pressing the OK button.