You will need
  • computer with the wireless adapter , the access point wi-fi.
We must know that all access points are divided into public and private. Services connect to the Internet via the first option points are provided free of charge or for money, depending on where you came with the laptop. Private are mainly used in home to connect to the network several personal computers.
Public wi-fi access found in cafes, in bars, in airports, in hotels and other places with large concentrations of people. There are free services or not, you can learn from the administrator. If you do not need to pay, just turn on the built-in laptop adapter. It is usually located above the keyboard, next to the main power button and shut down the computer.
If you still need to pay a symbolic price for the connection, then after you make it, they should give you a login and password that must be entered after the adapter will find the wireless network.
If you have a connection to the Internet, and you want to using wi-fi to catch it on other computers, then first you need to buy a router (access point) and USB adapter for desktop computer ( if wired Internet is connected to it) in any computer store. Then set up a wireless network between computers. On your and every other you must also include the adapters. And then follow the instructions of the "setup Wizard".
After a connection is established the web itself will appear in the list of possible options. You will only need to make it a preferred by selecting the checkbox next to it. Now the laptop will automatically connect to it when you log in.
To avoid unauthorized use of your Internet connection with other wi-fi, experts recommend to make the password. And distribute it to everyone you really want to see in your wireless network.