Make sure that your computer has a Wi-Fi module. If you are not sure what it is, see the device's user manual. If you happen to see the logo or the inscription Wi-Fi, then on your computer there is this module. Its inclusion is usually performed with the help of special keys or key combinations. Power button Wi-Fi (private or employed in combination with the Fn key) is usually denoted by the pattern of the antenna. If after clicking on it the indicator of the network does not illuminate, go to device Manager and check involved if the network card is responsible for the wireless connection. Glowing Wi-Fi indicator light means you can proceed to search for wireless networks.
If your computer is in range of one or more wireless networks, as a rule, Windows should give a message after clicking on which should open the folder "Network connections". In it you will need to select the connection whose name usually matches the name of the institution that provide access to free Wi-Fi. Thus, the search for wireless networks takes literally two clicks".
If the computer does not detect wireless network, you can find them manually. To do this go to "start", click "Connection" in the drop-down list select "Wireless network connection". After that, a window should open, showing all available wireless networks. Update the information by clicking on the link "Refresh the list of available networks (on the left), select network and double click to connect to it.