You will need
  • Iphone, Wi-Fi connection
In the main menu of the iPhone find the Settings icon. Select "Wi-fi" to enable it. There will be a new list of settings.
From the list of wireless networks select the one to which you want to connect. If the network is password protected then it will be marked with a lock icon. Enter the password if necessary. Click "Connect". Now you will be able to work in a network.
Check the signal strength of the connection indicated by the antenna icon. The more divisions, the better the connection. If the connection is poor, it is recommended to move closer to the signal source.
You can set your iPhone to automatically, or free wifi connection. In the case of automatic connection, the phone will constantly search for available networks and connect you to one of them. If you want to connect to the network manually, deactivate the feature in settings Wi-Fi.
Once joining the network, the iPhone remembers its settings and next time, defining the network and automatically connects to it. To remove the network settings from the iPhone's memory, select it from the list of available networks by clicking on the red arrow to the right of the network name, and delete it.
If the iPhone automatically connects to the network but Internet is not working, it is recommended to remove this network from the phone, deactivate Wi-Fi, reboot the phone and re-connect. In some cases, the source of the problem not the phone and the router sending the signal, or in the wrong network settings. In this case, you should contact the provider of the connection.