Recently about free Internet access in the transport had only dreamed of, and only passengers of the Moscow metro could use the Wi-Fi service. Today in Moscow 16 buses, 6 buses and 3 trams, and transport many major cities you can find labels like "Catch and ride", "the Trolley is equipped with Wi-Fi" and the like. While the test access are in test mode, but soon it should become commonplace.

In trolleybuses, buses and trams installed routers - they receive and transmit signal of CDMA-450 network, and then distribute it to different user devices in the form of Wi-Fi. While the available data transfer rate up to 3 megabits per second. However, the speed depends on the load on the router, that is, the number of passengers that connects to the network.

To the Internet in transport from different subscriber devices that support Wi-Fi — laptops, phones, tablets, smartphones. In fact, provided the speed is slightly less than stated, but it is enough for browsing Facebook and Instagram, as well as for rapid information retrieval in search engines. Thus, "Yandex" entered the query gives the result within seconds.

How to use Wi-Fi in transport?

1. This can be done where there is a special sticker on the Wi-Fi service. Usually this is at the entrance to the salon over the turnstile or directly on the side window of the bus, tram or trolleybus. 2. To connect to the Internet in the list of available networks, you must choose Rostelecom_Wi-Fi, connect it to the device and out of any search engine.

Transporters from this innovation also wins, because the trolley or bus with a Wi-Fi service, their assumptions will be in high demand, and therefore, this transport will become more competitive.