You will need
  • - Wi-Fi router.
To setup wireless LAN you can use a router or wifi adapter. Stop your choice on the first option, because the network is built using Wi-Fi adapter, implies the existence of an always-on computer. Purchase a Wi-Fi router with a suitable plug for connection to your ISP (DSL or LAN).
Connect the purchased equipment to the mains. Connect it with a cable provider, using for this purpose the WAN port (DSL). Now connect your desktop computer or laptop to the LAN port of the router. Start the Internet browser on the selected computer.
Type in the address bar of the running application IP address of router which can be found in the instructions to the network equipment. After logging in to the web interface settings of the router, go to WAN menu. Create and configure a Internet connection for a network device. Save the network settings.
Now go to settings wireless access point (Wi-Fi). Select the security type, enter a network name and set a password. Activate the checkbox "Hide name (SSID) of the network". Save the wireless settings of the access point. Restart the router to apply them. Wait while the device will get Internet access.
Now turn on the laptop. Open the control center network and sharing. Go to "Manage wireless networks". Click "Add". Select the first item "Create network profile manually".
In the opened menu enter the same values that you used when configuring the access point. Be sure to check the correctness of the following data: name, security type, encryption type and security key.
Now select the checkboxes next to the items "Start this connection automatically" and "Connect even if the network produces broadcast". Now your laptop will automatically search for and connect to a hidden access point.