There are opinions that the world-famous periodic table of chemical elements of Mendeleev came to a head in a dream, and Pushkin heard in the dream line of his works, waking up, immediately took up pen and paper to write dream poems.
Until now, the phenomenon of sleep is poorly studied. Basically we have the subconscious, the true needs and patterns.
In order to try to dream up what you want, it is necessary not later than two hours before bedtime to concentrate on a selected story or image. However, to think of a story completely is not possible. You can do only sketches, but your mindset and psyche during sleep can rotate the plot in a completely different direction, although it will be used frame your thoughts that come to mind before going to sleep.
At the same time before bed to relax. If you have the opportunity to hold a session of aromatherapy or massage, take advantage of this. Tune in remembering dreams. After waking up, write down dreams in a notebook. Record only the most striking and memorable images. Remember that memorization of sleep contributes to a calm awakening.
Program yourself for waking up after seeing the dream. Perhaps you will Wake up in the middle of the night, as during the night a person can see almost a dozen dreams, but you'll find the answers to your questions. Woke up in the morning, you may not find the answer, because it was erased from short-term memory with data from the last night's sleep.
Specify what you want to see. You want to see the solution? Trend? Make the link between past and future? Set the benchmark, and you will receive an answer in a dream, maybe not the first time, but worth a try.
If you want you dream your loved one, think about it in the evening before bedtime, and ask them to think of you at least 1-2 hours before bedtime. Ask him to go to bed before you or at the same time as you, but not later. Then you will be able to see each other in their dreams. Make sure the evening about where the action will occur of sleep - it should be a place that is familiar to both. In this technique, sometimes, people have almost identical dreams. Discuss the dream with the unknown man the next morning, and perhaps both of you will be very surprised with what I saw identical dreams.
Lying in bed, try to capture the state of subtle matter, when you're still awake, but not awake. Usually it's like a liberation from the body. At such moments, man becomes physically warm somewhere inside the body.
These are called as edge. It is in this state of having insight, therefore, the borderline of wakefulness and sleep is so important for intellectual and creative people.