Vivid dreams come during rapid eye movement (scientists call it - BDG). This stage occurs every 1.5-2 hours of sleep, and repetition duration of the REM is gradually lengthened. The man in this moment is not only fast moving eyeballs, but also noted shortness of breath and a temporary relaxation of skeletal muscles. Oneirology proved that dreams can be seen in the periods of NREM sleep, but these visions are less emotional. Dreamer, as a rule, is not aware that he is dreaming, seeing visions a bright reality. This person can change the course of events in the dream, to control, to manage them.
To learn how to see vivid dreams, guided by a scientific approach. Somnology call it the rule of four "And", which includes: invitatsiya, intention, inspiration and inscriptio. Learning to control your mind, you will be able to control and "order" dreams.
Get ready to sleep. You need to turn on relaxing music, get away from it all, maybe take a bath or light the candles. In General, you need to create a relaxed, warm and comfortable environment. Invitatsiya means of preparing the consciousness. After all the relaxing activities that your mind should be free from emotions. The ability to receive peace is necessary because it is crucial in the process of preparing for sleep.
The next stage - intention – goal setting. Mentally, in every detail specify what you would like to see in a dream. You distance yourself from negative feelings and dark memories. To focus on the goal, mentally repeat it several times, and it is better to write on paper or draw.
The concept of inspiration means your active role. Take your consciousness, your actions, your visions under control, but do not forget about the natural course of events. Imagine yourself, in a boat, its course the flow of the tranquil river. To resist the flow should not let him lead you but do not forget that your power to pick up an oar and expand the boat in the opposite direction.
Inscriptie, or remembering implies that you will make a mental note. Plunging into a dream, visually monitor every detail of the dream. Try to speak, to record, to remember what I see.
Learn to Wake up gradually. While you are still in slumber, lie down for 5-10 minutes before getting up and waking up completely. It is necessary to lock everything you just saw in the dream. After several successful attempts of remembering a dream and you do learn how to gently come out of sleep when you wish.