The most difficult to manage a dream is to realize that it's just a dream, and there you can do whatever you want. Do not set limits, all events are only a figment of your imagination, so do not be afraid, for example, to fall and break. You may turn into a fabulous creature, or go to travel. No special exercises to change sleep no, it's your subconscious, and you manage it themselves.
To lucid dream appeared before you go to sleep, tune in to what you will manage your slumber. You need very much to want it. Usually, the dream reflects the emotions and events that filled the day, so you should from time to time to reminisce about his desire.
Write down all your dreams. Get a separate notebook and put it next to the bed. The dream is quickly forgotten, so it should be set to capture on paper. As soon as you Wake up, scroll through the dream in my mind and write it down. Try as accurately as possible to convey all the feelings.
Day try to scroll in the mind of dream on the eve, re-read the book. Compare the feeling from the dream and the reality. Find visible differences, so you better tune into the realization of their dreams. Regularly do this exercise. When you next anything you dream, you will already know that this is unrealistic.
Try to use this technique. Throughout the day ask yourself, "what if this is a dream?". Be sure to ask yourself this question after every unusual or significant event. Remember how you got here, analyze your feelings. Once you really ask yourself this question in your sleep.
In the dream, you can get rid of many of their fears. Just tell the source to come and talk to him. You have to understand that this is just a dream. Communicate with your fear, pay attention to what he says and will do. After that, you cease to be afraid of in real life.
If the same dream to call many times, for example a fabulous house-a shelter in the beautiful natural environment after some time it gets easier. You can quickly be there if you have nightmares. Decorate dwelling the magical things that will help you to recover and relax.