You will need
  • notebook, alarm clock
Falling asleep, concentrate on the hands. Feel them, imagine if your consciousness was transferred to them. Don't lose this feeling, going to sleep. To exercise better, learn the technique of autogenic training.
Try a method based on the interruption of sleep. Lying in bed, wind the clock so that the signal sounded for five hours. Stand up, have some tea or do something else that requires no physical and mental stress. Avoid bright light! 3-10 minutes, go back to bed.
Use one of the techniques proposed by Laberge. Wake up after 4 and a half, 6 and half or 7 and a half hours. Remember that you dreamed. In detail, trying to recreate the smallest of events and details. Then try to continue the story of going into a lucid dream. Concentrate on this desire, falling asleep.
Put beside the bed notebook and draw in it immediately after waking up – dreams. Electronic records are permissible, but less convenient. According to some scholars, electronic devices have a strong influence on the nervous system.
Interesting way to "test reality". Walking past mirrors, turning the light on, seeing a flower (or performing any other action), every time ask yourself, "if I'm"? Sooner or later you will repeat this question in a dream and will become lucid.
Knowing how to get to the astral plane (such a trip possible in the waking state), it will be easier to understand how to enter a lucid dream. Esoteric offer a lot of practice, in particular, are advised to use meditation and separate the subtle body expertly. Lying in bed, imagine that attached to the ceiling rope. Mentally get up on it.