Not all dreams are colorful and vivid dreams. Someone simply does not remember. Rarely happens that someone is really not dreamed the dreams, he's just unlucky "right" to Wake up: dreams immediately fading from his mind, leaving no trace.

Dreaming is part of human life, is not too well understood by scientists. Not so long ago it was believed that they are only for REM sleep, but recently it was found that during deep sleep, the subconscious mind also shows his history. If you Wake up on a fast stage, you will remember your dream. But if the moment of awakening was the slow phase of sleep, remember what you saw, will not work. This explanation gives biology.

Consolation is the fact that people usually Wake up during REM sleep. To pull out of the slow phase of a clock or someone's persistent attempts to Wake up. To make sure that you're dreaming, try to Wake up without an alarm clock. For this you may need to go to bed earlier, in order for the body to sleep. Put a bedside recorder or Notepad, and as soon as you Wake up, talk or write down what you remember about your dream. So you will learn to retain the information, it will be possible to do without auxiliary means.

Sometimes people do very rarely dream. This is because people per day experiencing such a big load that night the merciful subconscious mind allows you to simply relax, nothing watching. If you are too tired, check how organized your day. Most likely, starting to lead a more relaxed and measured way of life, you will notice that the dreams began to dream you.

Also rarely dream, life is good. Psychologists say that people got restless or disturbing dreams. But if you're not worried and not worried, and dreams can be serene and happy, so the probability that you don't remember, increases. For those who have the time, but I don't dream, we can recommend more interested in films, books, various phenomena in the world. Those things that you shake, will be reflected in dreams.

According to the esoteric view of the dreams, a person does not remember them, thinking that he can't see when the connection of the mind and soul are corrupted. Your subconscious mind is a bridge between them, but somewhere on the path there are problems preventing the flow of information on it. You might want to do something to establish this link. Newly emerging dreams become a sign that everything is in order.