If you need to urgently know the number of cards of the savings Bank, but the card itself for some reason you have not, for example, you left it at home, it is the easiest way to call relatives living with you, and ask them to find the card and give you these cherished figures.

If the first option does not suit you, then you have only one option - to visit the office of Sberbank, where to provide proof of identity (passport) and ask the staff to provide you with this information.

Unfortunately, more ways to know the number of cards of the savings Bank there, but if you need to transfer money, you only need to know the account number of the card. To obtain this information in the following ways:

1) Call the call-center of Sberbank, calling 8-800-555555-0 and ask the employee to tell you the account number. In this case, you need to be prepared to answer a number of questions that need information from your passport. And most importantly: remember the code word.

2) Also the account number can be found via the Internet, using the service Sberbank online. To obtain the coveted figures you need to log in your personal account by entering login and password, and go to the section "map" where to find the information you need.

Few people know, but to transfer money from card to card without knowing the card number of the recipient. For translation it is enough to report only the number of the phone that is connected to the receiving card by means of service "Mobile Bank". Translation can also be controlled via Sberbank online. For this you need to visit the main page of your account, select "operations", then "transfer to a private person", and in the "beneficiary account" choose the option "mobile phone number". After these manipulations is required to enter the required number, amount, and click "translate".