Details – name of Bank, BIK, INN, KPP, correspondent and current accounts of the Bank, and your account (the account number of a plastic card) should be listed in the printout that you were given at registration of a plastic card. If you kept a printout, specify the account number you can on it.
The account number indicated in the application for plastic card, which you signed also in the registration card and a copy of which he received at the hands. Search for the account number of the card in the field of marks for official use in the bottom of the page below your signature and date of application.
If you have not saved the documents received at registration of a plastic card, contact the operator of the Bank where you have received the card or the Central office of the Bank. For information you need to have at itself the document proving the identity (passport).
If you have activated the service "Sberbank online", information about the account number of the card you can obtain in your personal account. To enter the personal Cabinet, open the website of Sberbank and select "Sberbank online" in the upper right corner, log in. Go to "Cards, deposits and accounts" - it contains the full account information, including account number card.
To gain access to the personal Cabinet on the website of Sberbank, you need to obtain a user ID and password. This can be done through self-service devices (ATMs). Insert the card into the receiver, enter your PIN, click "Next". In menu, select "Internet service" and confirm the required action - Print ID and password (issued of a permanent login password) or Print a one-time password (issued twenty passwords that can only be used once).