First and foremost, understand that a number of a credit card and a room card account is not the same thing. The first is public information and is listed usually on the front side of the card. But the number of the card account is confidential information available only to the owner. It is usually indicated in the contract for opening of a card account concluded between the Bank and the customer.
Inspect the front side of your Bank card. It listed sixteen-digit numberdivided into two or four groups of numbers. Some Bank cards room consists of eighteen numbers. This is the number of your Bank card.
Remember that when obtaining a new card due to the expiry of its term or of the loss of its number will change, but it will be attached to the old Bank account.
To learn numberand card, card account and other details of your card, contact the passport to the branch of the Bankin which it was decorated.
In addition, to know the details of your Bank card , you can without a personal visit to the Bank. To do this, send a request to a branch in your area via email with a request to provide you the card details. Please specify in detail your data and the number of the Bank branch where the card was opened.
Most of the major banks have phone hotline, which you can see on the official website of a financial institution. Call him and ask the operator to provide you with your credit card, including its number and number of the account. These data you will learn after you provide the following information: your name, passport number and the code word specified in the registration card. In addition, the consultant may ask you to call and other data, such as date or place of birth.