You will need
  • - the envelope of the card;
  • phone;
  • - the card number;
  • - the secret word;
  • - the passport.
Remember, if you had the envelope of the issued card. If Yes, find it. On the envelope will be indicated the account – it consists of a 20 digit number printed on the front side in the column located after the name and surname of the card holder.
In case you lose the envelope, contact the savings Bank by a single phone 8-800-555-55-50 (for Russia calls free). Listen and act on the advice of the robot. After making the manipulation of telephone extensions you will be moved to the line to the desired operator.
Wait for a response operator. Let us know about your problem. You will be asked to articulate information about yourself: name card holder, its number and the secret word that you specified in the application for a card. It (the word) speak as clearly as possible, spell (if you ask). When the system confirms your identity, the employee of Bank will report your account number.
If the information you mentioned, not confirmed, or you have forgotten your secret word, you refuse to provide the requested information. Do not argue with the operator, because his actions, in this case, it is absolutely legitimate and is the guarantor of the security of your account. To obtain the required number, take your passport and visit the Bank. Upon presentation of the document and maps will give you the necessary information.
Log in to the system "Sberbank Online". This requires that your card was connected to service "Mobile Bank". To enter will receive a permanent identification number and password (via ATM or phone). In the same way to request a one-time password for the security of transactions. On the opened page the system "Sberbank Online" you will see the number of your checking account.